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Freight transportation in Zhytomyr

Any cargo from 500 kg

At the most affordable price

Quickly and efficiently

Cargo transportation in Zhytomyr from GLC

Grand Logistics Company - a company engaged in the organization and provision of transport services. The city is developing mechanical engineering, paper and pulp industry, mining, production of building materials, the transportation of which requires competent routing of cargo transportation - Zhytomyr is located at the junction of major highways connecting the East and West of Ukraine. Large-scale production of medicines, products of the light and food industries are supplied to Kharkov, Nikolaev, Sumy, Uzhgorod, Cherkasy, Vinnytsia and other centers of Ukraine.

Intercity cargo transportation in Zhytomyr

Organizing the delivery of goods of our own production is fraught with difficulties in choosing the carrying capacity of the car, the type of body platform, the frequency of trips, so we offer professional transport services. Our managers take into account all the nuances of the route, as well-established schemes have been implemented for 13 years. We offer optimally low prices for cargo transportation in Zhytomyr - the cost of services depends on different points, but in general, the rates are the lowest in the region.

Price list for freight transportation in Zhytomyr

Cargo quantityDimensions and weightTransportation price
     1 - Euro pallet800×1200
up to 1500kg.
Calculate the cost
     2 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
     5 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
    10 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
     15 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
     20 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
     33 - Euro palletCalculate the cost
     Cargo on non-standard pallets-Calculate the cost
     Bulk cargo-Calculate the cost
     Cargo in big bags95x95x160
up to 1500kg.
Calculate the cost
     Oversized cargoup to 250tonCalculate the cost

Advantages of freight transportation with Grand Logistics Company

We are interested in long-term mutually beneficial cooperation, therefore we offer favorable transportation conditions:

  1. Additionally, we are looking for loading and unloading equipment.
  2. We offer rolling stock of suitable load capacity.
  3. We provide documentary support of cargo on the territory of Ukraine and other states.
  4. We make the route as fast and short as possible in order to minimize fuel costs, reduce the time spent on overcoming a certain distance between the supplier and the recipient of goods.
  5. The geographic location near Kyiv provides regular communication with the capital, so your small amount of cargo will not wait for the container to be filled or the required volume of shipment to be made, but will be delivered by the nearest truck moving in the same direction.
  6. Bulk, bulk and bulk cargoes in large volumes follow the railway lines. Freight rolling stock delivers goods in both directions, supporting economic interaction between the regions of Ukraine.

We take into account the nuances of the cargo, the peculiarities of the transportation conditions and guarantee the safety of the accepted goods, the integrity of the packaging along the Zhytomyr cargo transportation route, the price of which is affordable for representatives of large businesses, start-up entrepreneurs, farmers and state-owned enterprises.

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