International cargo transportation - EU, CIS, Europe, USA, China, Asia
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International cargo transportation

International delivery of goods to any destination

We select the optimal route and give real prices.

International cargo transportation from Grand Logistics Company

Our clients are companies engaged in foreign economic activity - exporters-importers of food, cosmetics, textiles, agricultural products, lumber, polyethylene, fertilizers, spare parts, agricultural and construction equipment, industrial equipment.

each of them has its own route, its own direction, delivery conditions, delivery times, transportation requirements.

Thanks to this, we have mastered the entire document flow for international transportation, the intricacies of sea container and rail cargo delivery, the specifics of air transportation, and we know international road transportation of goods perfectly!

Motor transport was, is and will be the most popular, fast and convenient for delivering most types of cargo, both within Ukraine and internationally, that is, wherever there are roads.

One of the new directions that we are actively developing is the delivery of goods by air to the USA on Amazone, while the majority are delivered only from Amazon.

Any point in the world, any legal cargo – we are interested in everything. And the more difficult the task, the more interesting it is! Each order is individual, which is why we do not have standard rates. We calculate everything for your international cargo transportation and give real rates!

There are a huge number of nuances in organizing international transportation and this is a very painstaking and responsible work of our managers.

Accuracy in route calculation and selection of transport, correct paperwork, thorough check of the carrier is our responsibility.

Our customers always receive a free consultation from a customs broker as a bonus. We also help prepare documents for customs clearance of cargo - export, import, transit cargo, exhibition cargo, CarnetATA registration.

The pinnacle of international transportation is multimodal transportation, which we can also organize for your company!

Yulia Shumeiko, Head of International Freight Department

International cargo delivery

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international transportation of your cargo

You can order international cargo transportation from us in any direction

We provide international delivery of any cargo

International transportation of standard cargo

International cargo transportation of standard cargo

International road transportation of groupage cargo

International groupage cargo transportation

International transportation of goods that quickly deteriorate

International transportation of perishable goods

International liquid cargo transportation

International liquid cargo transportation

International delivery of dangerous goods

International delivery of dangerous goods

International cargo transportation of oversized cargo

International cargo transportation of oversized cargo

Our company can organize international cargo transportation of any type. We offer competitive rates and the services of a team of professionals who can ensure that all work is completed on a turnkey basis.

International cargo transportation and its organization

Our company organizes international cargo transportation. We provide a full package of services, so by concluding an agreement with us, you will not have to turn to outsiders for additional work. We have at our disposal not only a large fleet of vehicles, but also the ability to organize transportation by any other land, air or sea transport. By contacting us, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Organization of delivery of goods to any country from Ukraine or in the opposite direction. We are an international transport company with extensive experience. We have a large number of partners all over the world, making it possible to organize delivery in a short time to anywhere in the world.
  • We offer the best prices and convenient conditions.
  • We insure your cargo at competitive rates, so you don't have to worry about its safety. Even if unforeseen circumstances occur, you will receive a full refund.
  • We provide legal support for cargo.
  • Our specialists will properly pack your goods and select the appropriate container for their transportation.
  • We have no problems with shipments or reviews; these issues are also dealt with by our company’s specialists.
  • We have our own warehouses that can be used for temporary storage of your goods.

Large Ukrainian companies and international partners trust us; with us, international transportation in Ukraine or Ukraine will become convenient and profitable.

What type of transport is there?

We can offer all existing types of transport; we have both our own staff of vehicles and possible cooperation with partners. In addition, we can arrange delivery by rail, sea or air transport. The choice of transportation method depends not on what tariffs international carriers give, but also on the type of cargo.

Some products require special storage conditions or require urgent delivery. In this case, international air transportation will be relevant, thanks to which cargo can be delivered quickly, from several hours to several days. This type of delivery is also good because the cargo is inspected only twice - when loading onto the plane and unloading from it. However, the cost of this method is high, so such delivery is not always applicable.

International road transport is a cheaper way to leave goods from one point to another. They take a little longer, but if you need to transport goods that are unpretentious to conditions and have a long shelf life, this is an excellent method, the cost of which will pleasantly please you. In addition to regular trucks, we can offer refrigerators. We guarantee high quality services.

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Вартість послуг залежить від виду та розміру вантажу, розміру постачання. Ми маємо найвигідніші розцінки, ми працюємо без посередників, йдемо назустріч клієнтам, пропонуючи вигідні умови.

Our achievements

Якщо вам потрібний юридично грамотний, досвідчений спеціаліст, звертайтесь до нашої компанії. У нас на вас чекають наступні переваги:

  • Найбільш вигідні ціни та зручні умови можна обговорити індивідуально.
  • Lowers, individual approach to the skin client, the ability to correct your mind please.
  • Professional consultation, folding the declaration without pardons, correctly correcting the vartost.
  • Повне супровід вантажу, надання контейнерів для його транспортування.
  • Жодних прихованих платежів: ми називаємо вартість декларації відразу, далі ціна змінюватись не буде.
  • Our facivists can review your documents in advance, consult before them, as you submit a declaration.