Cargo transportation from Europe from GLC. Delivery from Europe to Ukraine.
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International cargo transportation in Europe

Delivery of cargo from Europe to Ukraine by road in the shortest possible time.

Cargo transportation to Europe from Grand Logistics Company

Door-to-door cargo delivery from Europe is one of the key activities of our company.

We work with cargoes of standard sizes, small-sized cargoes - additional cargoes and OVER-SIZE cargoes.

We transport mainly by road transport. The average delivery time for cargo from Europe is 7-10 days. We guarantee our customers the safety of the cargo and timely delivery.

If you order the delivery of spare parts from Europe, for example, or small consignments of building materials, goods, parts for the machine, etc., our Consolidated Cargo Department is at your service. We will be happy to help you deliver any small-sized cargo from Europe.

Delivery of agricultural machinery from Europe: tractors, combines, seeders and other heavy oversized cargo is our forte. We have vast experience in oversized transportation.

You can find out the cost of cargo transportation in Europe by phone or through our miscalculation form. We will contact you and discuss all the details!

Victoria Borsuk, head of forwarding department of Grand Logistics Company.

Find out the cost of cargo transportation Europe-Ukraine

We deliver any cargo from Europe to Ukraine and vice versa

Delivery of goods from Europe

Road Freight - Standard Cargo

Standard loads, the mass of which does not exceed the values established by the manufacturer for this vehicle, intended for use on public roads, and the overall dimensions of the load and the vehicle comply with the rules of the road.

Transportation of small cargoes from Europe

Road Freight Transportation - Groupage Cargo Transportation

Door-to-door delivery of groupage cargo from the EU, Europe, the CIS, Asia is one of the key activities of our company.

Delivery of agricultural machinery from Europe

Automobile oversized transportation

We transport cargo of non-standard sizes throughout Ukraine, the EU, Europe and the CIS countries. There are only a few specialists like us) The specificity of these transportations is huge, the complexity is maximum, the responsibility is colossal.

Delivery by reefs of perishable goods from Europe

Transportation of perishable goods

Refrigerated transportation has been our specialization for more than 10 years. We provide refrigerators for rent both in Ukraine and European countries. We organize refrigerated transportation in compliance with all state and international standards.

About international cargo transportation in Europe

Delivery of various cargoes from Europe to Ukraine requires a careful selection of rolling stock, reducing the client's costs by developing a route and forming the optimal volume of shipment. The popular destination is in demand among Ukrainian manufacturers, large wholesale bases and companies. Cargo transportation from Europe is carried out under the forwarding of representatives of the Grand Logistics Company, so we guarantee the integrity of the packaging and the safety of the freight until shipment to the recipient.

Delivery of goods from Europe to Ukraine

The cost of freight transportation in Europe per 1 km is high, therefore, cost optimization occurs due to savings on RRP, fuel costs, downtime when crossing the border and going through customs procedures. We undertake all organizational efforts to protect the client from the bureaucratic procedures for issuing accompanying documents. Delivery of goods from Europe is carried out using cars of different types:

  • tanks, refrigerators;
  • semitrailers, trailers;
  • platforms, trailers-dissolutions, low-frame trawls.

Grand Logistics Company works with different types of cargo - liquids and substances from hazard class 1 to 9, bulk and bulk, piece, oversized.

Delivery of goods from Europe is a direction where not only road transport of different carrying capacity is used. Import-export volumes of textiles, food, timber, industrial equipment lines, agricultural machinery are suitable for transportation by sea or rail. We work individually with each order in order to minimize the client's costs, so it is cheaper for suppliers of raw materials or recipients of imported cargo to deliver goods from Europe to Ukraine.

Advantages of mutually beneficial cooperation with Grand Logistics Company

  1. We organize the sending of a small package, box, bag in a multimodal way, which significantly reduces the cost of transportation.
  2. Our range of services includes customs clearance and shipment support.
  3. The client has the opportunity to track the movement of the shipment along the route using electronic monitoring.
  4. Delivery of goods from Europe - profitable transportation of transit containers, accurate transportation of goods for the exhibition, valuable and fragile things.
  5. We are responsible for the safety of the cargo from the moment it is accepted for transportation and throughout the entire route.

We accurately calculate the route of the presented goods, raw materials, oversized items, use the services of trusted carriers. We apply an intellectual approach to the organization of the PRP: as a result, we get inexpensive freight transportation - Europe and Ukraine have strong long-term trade and industrial ties, so cargo runs back and forth in a constant mode. Our clients are satisfied with the services received. We recommend entering into a long-term partnership to get access to low rates, seasonal discounts and the best deals from Grand Logistics Company.

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