Delivery from Australia to Ukraine. Freight transportation to Australia from GLC
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Trucking to Australia

We organize cargo transportation to Australia from Ukraine or delivery of goods from Australia

Freight transport to Australia from Grand Logistics Company

Among the senders of piece goods to the distant continent there are not only entrepreneurs, representatives of large and medium-sized businesses, but also shopping enthusiasts and relatives of people living in Australia. Delivery from Australia to Ukraine and back requires special attention, since the distance between the final points is large, so Grand Logistics Company managers strive to minimize customer transportation costs.

Features of delivery from Australia to Ukraine and back

Ukraine is developing commercial and industrial ties with the state in the southern hemisphere. Residents of a distant continent have something to offer in terms of imports, as well as to purchase for resale as exports. Delivery from Australia is a multimodal scheme that involves the transport infrastructure of both countries. Road, rail, river, sea and air are the most preferred modes of transport involved in the transportation of containers of different tonnage.

  1. For cargo transportation from Australia and in the opposite direction, we accept any types of cargo that differ in various parameters - physical and chemical characteristics, load capacity coefficient, dimensions, weight, special requirements for transportation conditions.
  2. We process requests from legal entities and individuals: large companies, representatives of medium and small businesses, aspiring entrepreneurs, individual private customers.
  3. We draw up a detailed route, paying attention to the characteristics of the cargo, places of transshipment from one type of transport to another, compliance with delivery deadlines assumed in the obligations when drawing up a partnership agreement for cargo transportation to Australia and Ukraine.
  4. We are considering the possibility of reverse loading at each stage of the haul as an option to reduce the cost of carrier services.
  5. We competently prepare accompanying documents and perform customs clearance in accordance with current international legislation and cargo transportation rules.

International parcel logistics with Grand Logistics Company

If you don’t know how much it costs to send a parcel to Australia, use the online calculator “Find out the cost” or “Order a route calculation”. Wait for the operator to call back to ask questions about the delivery of shipments to a distant continent, discuss route details, options for choosing the type of transport and other transportation parameters. The manager working in this area has many years of routing experience, so he will immediately give accurate answers to your questions and tell you how to send a parcel to Australia. Due to the consolidation of accepted packages, the cost of sending individual parcels is cheap for our clients, which is beneficial for sending gifts to friends, relatives, and receiving orders from online stores in the country of the southern hemisphere.

Victoria Borsuk, head of forwarding department of Grand Logistics Company.

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Із чого складається вартість послуг?

Вартість послуг залежить від виду та розміру вантажу, розміру постачання. Ми маємо найвигідніші розцінки, ми працюємо без посередників, йдемо назустріч клієнтам, пропонуючи вигідні умови.

Our achievements

Якщо вам потрібний юридично грамотний, досвідчений спеціаліст, звертайтесь до нашої компанії. У нас на вас чекають наступні переваги:

  • Найбільш вигідні ціни та зручні умови можна обговорити індивідуально.
  • Lowers, individual approach to the skin client, the ability to correct your mind please.
  • Professional consultation, folding the declaration without pardons, correctly correcting the vartost.
  • Повне супровід вантажу, надання контейнерів для його транспортування.
  • Жодних прихованих платежів: ми називаємо вартість декларації відразу, далі ціна змінюватись не буде.
  • Our facivists can review your documents in advance, consult before them, as you submit a declaration.


Other services of our company

Rent of Special equipment in Ukraine.

Rent of special equipment

The GLC company leases special equipment for any period: from one work shift to perform one-time work to several months or years. During the contract for the rental and services of special equipment, you will be guaranteed the entire technical service for the rented equipment.

Customs brokerage services

Customs brokerage services

The customs representative of Grand Logistics Company is a team of qualified professionals who have formed and established themselves as a reliable partner in the provision of customs brokerage services. Customs services provided by Grand Logistics Company have a number of competitive advantages.


Cooperation with carriers

On a permanent or temporary basis, we are open to cooperation with truck owners. We load vehicles in all regional centers and regional centers.

Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance

Grand Logistics Company offers high-quality and affordable cargo insurance during transportation to anywhere in the world. Prompt settlement of an insured event, many years of experience in the market and, as a result, customer confidence.

Reviews about the work of our company

 Trading house “LAKMAR”

LLC "Grand Logistic Company" has been our partner in the field of cargo transportation for 5 years. During this time, Grand Logistic Company LLC has shown its ability to approach the tasks set with full responsibility, to perform work efficiently and on time.

 TOV “Amkodor-Ukrspetsmash”

LLC "Grand Logistic Company" has been providing our company LLC "Amkodor-Ukrspetsmash" with cargo transportation services since 2011. Analyzing the results of joint activities, we can say with confidence that the principle of the company's work is based on the quality of services.


Letter of recommendation: The Grand Logistic Company company provides transport and forwarding services to ALTURA LLC in Ukraine, the CIS, and Europe for a long period. We successfully cooperate in organizing the transportation of equipment, formwork, and scaffolding.


Letter of recommendation: With this letter, the management of KHIM TORG LLC expresses gratitude to Grand Logistic Company LLC, represented by General Director V.Z. Gasyuk. for the professional fulfillment of obligations in the field of transport and forwarding services.

 company "Biopreparat"

The company "Grand Logistics Company" has been providing freight forwarding services since 2014. We successfully cooperate in organizing the transportation of toasted soybeans and soybean and corn seeds.

 Telco Ukraine

Grand Logistic Company LLC has been our partner in the field of organizing cargo transportation for 4 years. During this time, the company has shown its ability to approach assigned tasks with full responsibility and complete work with high quality and on time.

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