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Calculate the cost of shipping

Do you need to ship a shipment? Save time when choosing a car?

"Grand Logistics Company" will help you calculate the cost of shipping in any chosen direction.

Freight prices are formed individually for each customer, depending on the volume, frequency and direction of delivery.

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Calculate the cost of shipping

Prices for cargo transportation largely depend on what type of transport you want to use for delivery within the city or country. To accurately calculate the cost of the service, you need to take into account the volume and weight of the cargo, as well as the distance over which it needs to be transported.

How to calculate the amount?

You can try to calculate the cost of transporting goods by road yourself. To do this, our website has a special calculator: enter the known parameters, and the system will independently calculate the approximate cost of transportation. However, you can find out the exact cost only by contacting our operator or by writing to us by e-mail. It is quite possible that you will be offered a cheaper option if, for example, a groupage cargo is being formed, and there is a suitable place left in the direction you need.

Our operator will ask questions to help clarify the parameters necessary to calculate the cost of transportation. Thus, you will find out how much the delivery will cost you, there will be no hidden and additional payments, the named cost will be accurate. You can choose the type of transport, the desired direction, as well as choose the package of services that is most suitable for you.

You can calculate how much it costs to transport 1 ton of cargo using our shipping calculator located on the website. The program will allow you to navigate the prices, choose the most convenient type of cargo delivery. As a rule, the readings of the robot do not differ much from the real numbers, we can offer discounts to regular customers. The operator specifies the price by learning the specific delivery address, while the robot calculates in kilometers.

Benefits of road transport

The most popular is road transport. This is a convenient way to transport goods around the city and beyond, many companies and individuals turn to us so that we deliver their goods by truck within Ukraine.

We have spacious vehicles that can accommodate up to 20 tons of cargo, including groupage. The last option reduces the shipping cost. In this case, the calculation of the cost of delivery is based on the volume occupied by the cargo and its mass. Accurate weighing will take place at the reception point. In addition, the truck is convenient because it can deliver the goods to any point in the country where there are no other means of communication, delivery is possible to the door of your warehouse, home, store.

What makes up the price?

You can calculate the delivery of cargo, taking into account the following parameters:

  • Route duration.
  • Weight of cargo.
  • Type of cargo.
  • Customer requirements for transportation, such as fragile products, the need for freezing.
  • Urgency.

On our website you can also get acquainted with the tariffs that will help you choose the best option. Turning to us, you can be sure that your cargo will arrive on time, it will be handled with care, all requirements for the transportation of this type of goods will be observed. We can insure the cargo at competitive prices.