Delivery of groupage cargo from Europe, CIS, Asia from Grand Logistics Company
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Groupage cargo delivery

Sending cargo as part of a combined shipment is the simplest and most economical option for transporting any small-sized cargo.

Delivery of passing cargo from Grand Logistics Company

Door-to-door delivery of groupage cargo from the EU, Europe, the CIS, Asia is one of the key activities of our company.

Consolidated cargo / passing cargo / additional cargo is the transportation of several orders by one transport for the passing delivery of cargo to the recipient. For example, you are ordering small quantities of goods to your hardware store, or you need to urgently deliver an exercise bike to your gym. Or you need to urgently bring the missing part to your machine - this will help you our groupage service.

Passing cargo transportation is the most profitable option for the transportation of small consignments and the delivery of small-sized cargo.

The main competitive advantage of GLC is the price of transportation, as we have long-term contracts with direct carriers. We also monitor the honesty and decency of drivers and carrier companies, guaranteeing customers the safety of cargo and timely delivery.

The average delivery time for groupage cargo is 7-10 days.

During its work in the market of freight forwarding services, the GLC company has established itself as a reliable partner in organizing the transportation of groupage cargo. The GLC is right where you need it today!

You can find out the cost of additional cargo transportation by phone or through our miscalculation form. We will contact you and discuss all the details. Call!

Anna, Cargo Department Manager, Grand Logistics Company

Why transportation as part of groupage cargo is profitable?

Because, you rent exactly as much space in the car as you need to deliver your cargo.

If you are transporting just a few pallets, then you only pay for a couple of cubic meters of space. The rest of the place will be paid by our other customers, whose goods we will carry in the same car.

Convenience and low price for the transportation of consolidated cargo makes this type of service popular.

Due to the large cargo turnover, we constantly send cars with additional loads from Europe to Ukraine, which gives our customers good delivery times and helps to reduce logistics costs for the delivery of small consignments of goods.

Why do clients choose us?

Optimal prices

We have signed long-term contracts with direct carriers.

Compliance with delivery times

Time is money and we understand that very well! The average delivery time for groupage cargo is 7-10 days.

Fast paperwork

We advise on customs clearance issues. We help in the preparation of documents for the transportation of groupage cargo.

Personal consultant

Our managers always know where your cargo is and are ready to answer any of your questions.

Do you want to know the cost of transporting your additional cargo?

About the transportation of groupage cargo

Grand Logistics Company provides services for the transportation of groupage cargo in Ukraine and to the countries of Europe, the CIS. We will develop a route, provide a warehouse for safekeeping, select vehicles, taking into account the characteristics of the cargo. All orders are executed as soon as possible at the rates specified in the price list of the company. Delivery of groupage cargo is carried out under an agreement that provides insurance against loss and damage. You can be sure that we transport the cargo entrusted to us in accordance with the delivery standards and transportation rules.

Consolidated cargo: features of transportation

Groupage cargo transportation is carried out by consolidating different cargoes from customers with their subsequent shipment along a common route. In some cases, before shipment, the goods may be stored in the warehouse of the logistics company until the vehicle is filled in the desired direction. Transportation on board one vehicle allows you to significantly save on delivery. Therefore, consolidated cargoes are considered the cheapest, but are only suitable for small-sized cargoes.

You can send a groupage cargo:

  • Inside the country. We carry out delivery mainly by our own vehicles. It is possible to connect partner logistics companies for delivery by sea, air, rail in order to reduce financial and time costs.
  • To foreign countries. To carry out delivery, interaction with partner transport companies is often used, which pick up the goods at customs, which makes it possible to promptly deliver small packages, personal items without increasing the cost of transport services.

The customer must be prepared for the fact that the terms of departure of the groupage cargo will depend on the time of the formation of the party. If urgent delivery is required, passing transportation can be used, which will be reflected in the cost of services. Until the moment of departure, groupage cargo can be stored in the carrier's consolidated warehouse.

Grand Logistics Company - delivery of groupage cargoes without restrictions

We are ready to provide you with a European level of service. For you:

  • Best price. The cost of delivery of groupage cargo is calculated taking into account the volumetric weight of the cargo, route, and other parameters.
  • Individual delivery route, taking into account the specified destination.
  • Use of reliable transport. You can be sure that the vehicles on which the goods are delivered undergo technical control. They will ensure fast and safe delivery.
  • Cargo insurance. Delivery is carried out under a contract that includes insurance for the declared value.
  • Delivery monitoring. You will be able to navigate when the groupage cargo will be delivered to the destination.
  • Completion of supporting documents. We will take care of filling out both internal and customs documents necessary for the delivery of goods in Ukraine or to countries around the world.

You can ask your questions, call a courier to pick up the cargo, request transportation rates by phone.

During its work in the market of freight forwarding services, the GLC company has established itself as a reliable partner in the organization of passing cargo transportation.

The GLC is right where you need it today!

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