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Oversized and super-heavy cargo

We transport goods of any complexity and size. We are planning routes. Call!

Oversized transport from Grand Logistics Company

We transport cargo of non-standard sizes throughout Ukraine, the EU, Europe and the CIS countries. And I know for sure that in Ukraine there are only a few specialists like me)) The specificity of these transportations is huge, the complexity is maximum, the responsibility is colossal.

Experience and the ability to calculate a few steps ahead is the key here.

The selection of the optimal transport, the development of bindings, the route taking into account the characteristics of oversized, for example, with the exception of bridges, narrow country roads and other factors - this is just one thing.

Proper placement of cargo on special platforms saves the customer from problems during transportation and additional costs.

The formation of a package of accompanying documents and the issuance of special permits for the transportation of oversized cargo across Europe and the CIS countries are two things.

You should be aware that in some countries of Europe and the CIS there are restrictions and different requirements for the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo, and in this case, additional costs are inevitable.

The organization of cargo escort by cover vehicles and traffic police patrols is three.

The development of the correct route allows you to avoid serious financial costs for obtaining permits, approvals, escort of cargo by cover vehicles and tolls, and also allows you to reduce delivery times.

Assistance in customs clearance of cargo if it is export or import, insurance - all this requires the utmost accuracy in calculations and practical knowledge! The theorist will not go far here. That is why, when choosing a contractor for the transportation of your oversized cargo, I recommend starting from his successful experience!

Your oversized cargo is our non-standard solution!

Ivan Antoshchuk, head of oversized transportation


Transportation of construction equipment

Construction machinery

Transportation of agricultural machinery and tractors

Agricultural machinery and tractors

Transportation of military equipment

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Oversized and super-heavy cargo

Oversized and super-heavy cargo

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  1. Consultation and development of the route
  2. Choosing the right transport
  3. Getting permissions
  4. Insurance
  5. Customs clearance
  6. Delivery with cargo escort in Ukraine and Europe

Automobile oversized transportation

Grand Logistics Company carries out oversized transportation in Ukraine, to the CIS countries, Europe. In our fleet there is a specialized transport for transporting oversized cargo of any volume and length, which will allow us to fulfill each order. Our experts will take care of packing, loading, unloading, and also develop a route taking into account the permissible passability of the tracks in a given direction. Services are provided under a contract that specifies the delivery time, our obligations for the transportation of oversized cargo. International oversized transportation is possible with full clearance of customs documents.

Automobile oversized transportation: features

Oversized transportation by trawl is carried out if it is necessary to transport long lengths or heavy cargo. It can be: special equipment, fittings, furniture, the dimensions of which exceed the allowable standards.

Transportation of oversized cargo involves:

  • Obtaining official permission.
  • Proper oversized packaging.
  • Loading on vehicles without damage.
  • Driving on the appropriate streets and highways.

Our employees will take on these tasks, providing fast and reliable oversized transportation in Ukraine and to foreign countries.

When sending, we will take into account:

  • Cargo safety.
  • Characteristics of the rolling stock.
  • weather and seasonal conditions.
  • Load capacity and dimensions.
  • The carrying capacity of the pavement.
  • Availability of power lines and railway crossings.

It should be noted that the transportation of oversized equipment, long lengths, heavyweights must comply with the approved standards. We draw up the necessary accompanying documents, properly pack the shipment, and coordinate the route with inspections. Our cars have flashing beacons and identification marks for heavy oversized cargo and long lengths. This is a guarantee that the cargo will follow the route within the agreed time frame without force majeure.


We will ensure reliability

When sending, our drivers take into account the requirements for packing oversized cargo, their placement and fixation for the purpose of safe transportation. Following the route is carried out only if the safety rules are fully observed. In this case, the object of delivery:

  • Reliably fastened on board the vehicle.
  • Does not provoke the displacement of the body and the overturning of the car.
  • Does not restrict the view and does not interfere with the perception of other road users.
  • Does not violate environmental safety standards.


Grand Logistics Company - optimal oversized delivery at the best price

Transportation of oversized cargo is carried out by trawls from our fleet, which guarantees the possibility of choosing a vehicle that meets the dimensions, as well as its timely delivery to the loading facility. This allows customers to plan delivery times.

Transportation of oversized cargo in Ukraine and abroad is carried out with the execution of the necessary accompanying documents, including engineering conclusions and the required permits. Our employees carry out:

  • Transportation of oversized items in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Route planning to your destination.
  • Coordination of the route with executive road inspections.
  • Technical preparation of machines of the required tonnage.

The calculation of the cost of oversized transportation is carried out according to the tariffs indicated on the website. The price depends on the route, type of cargo, vehicles used, the need for related services for cargo clearance. You can do the calculation yourself. Or contact us by phone to get advice or order oversized transportation in Ukraine, CIS countries, Europe.

Reviews about the work of our company

 Торговый дом “ЛАКМАР”

LLC "Grand Logistic Company" has been our partner in the field of cargo transportation for 5 years. During this time, Grand Logistic Company LLC has shown its ability to approach the tasks set with full responsibility, to perform work efficiently and on time.

 TOV “Amkodor-Ukrspetsmash”

LLC "Grand Logistic Company" has been providing our company LLC "Amkodor-Ukrspetsmash" with cargo transportation services since 2011. Analyzing the results of joint activities, we can say with confidence that the principle of the company's work is based on the quality of services.


Рекомендательное письмо: Компания "Гранд Лоджистик Кампани" предоставляет услуги по транспортно-экспедиционному обслуживанию ООО "АЛЬТУРА" по Украине, СНГ, Европе в течение длительного периода. Мы успешно сотрудничаем в организации перевозок оборудования, опалубки, строительных лесов.


Рекомендательное письмо: Этим письмом руководство компании ООО "ХИМ ТОРГ" выражает благодарность ООО "Гранд Лоджистик Кампани" в лице генерального директора Гасюка В.З. за профессиональное исполнение обязательств в сфере транспортно-экспедиторских услуг.

 company "Biopreparat"

Компания ООО "Гранд Лоджистикс Кампани" предоставляет услуги по транспортно-экспедиционному обслуживанию с 2014 года. Мы успешно сотрудничаем в организации перевозок тостированной сои и семян сои и кукурузы.

 Telco Ukraine

ООО "Гранд Лоджистик Кампани" является нашим партнером в области организации грузоперевозок в течение 4 лет. За это время компания показала свою способность с полной ответственностью подходить к поставленным задачам, выполнять работы качественно и вовремя.

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