Transportation of standard cargoes in Ukraine and around the world from GLC
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Cargo transportation

Organization of cargo transportation in Ukraine and international cargo transportation

Cargo transportation from Grand Logistics Company

Cargo transportation services have been our specialization since 2007. We provide prompt transport services for the transportation of goods, covering all settlements of Ukraine and any country in the world!

The most demanded transportation of goods, so to speak, "standard". Standard loads are those that do not require special temperature conditions and the weight and volume of which does not exceed the possible carrying capacity of vehicles.

For the transportation of goods of “standard sizes”, vehicles with standard tents with a volume of 86 m³ to 92 m³ and a load capacity of 1.2 tons to 22 tons are most often used. Loading into vehicles can be rear, side or top, depending on the load and the vehicle.

For such transportation of goods, it is only necessary to conclude a regular contract of carriage (a standard form of the contract is used, depending on the directions of transportation). No special permissions are required.

Cargoes for transportation in tents: Food stuffs, preservation, clothes, footwear, equipment. Building materials, furniture, fabrics, textiles. Domestic and industrial air conditioners, electric motors. Household appliances, household chemicals. ADR loads. Carpets, linoleum, transportation of cables, papers in coils. Transportation of varnish and paint. Transportation in curtain-sided semi-trailers can be carried out according to TIR and CMR.

We also organize refrigerated transport, delivery of oversized cargo and groupage cargo transportation in any direction!

If you need to transport cargo, please contact us! We will select for you the best transport and route in terms of delivery time and cost.

Victoria Datsenko, Executive Director of Grand Logistics Company

Loads are considered standard if their dimensions do not exceed





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International transportation of goods and in Ukraine

About the transportation of standard goods

Grand Logistics Company delivers standard cargo by road in Ukraine and neighboring countries, Europe. Our own fleet of vehicles allows us to allocate vehicles for various types of cargo on routes to different directions. Therefore, transportation is carried out quickly, according to the needs of the client. Our employees will take care of packing, loading of standard cargoes, prepare the necessary accompanying documents. You get insurance for the transportation of standard goods after they are transferred to our transport company, you have the opportunity to monitor the delivery.

Features of standard cargoes

Trucking of standard cargo will allow you to carry out apartment or office moving, transport furniture, building materials, personal belongings. You can order a car with a body of the required capacity for transportation in any direction. We are ready to deliver standard cargo:

  • In the city.
  • Between cities.
  • To the suburbs

Delivery of standard cargo is carried out during business hours. If you need transportation on weekends, holidays, at night, then this issue should be agreed in advance.

Grand Logistics Company: we remove restrictions on transportation in Ukraine and the world

Freight transportation of standard cargo is carried out on favorable terms:

  • We work seven days a week. Our clients can order cargo transportation at any time convenient for them. The possibility of transportation at night and holidays should be agreed in advance. If you want to transport the goods on weekends, we will deliver it as soon as possible without additional tariffs and special conditions.
  • We have affordable prices. By contacting us, you can save on freight transportation services. Indeed, in comparison with transport companies, we will deliver your cargo to any point in Ukraine inexpensively. We have a transparent pricing policy. Our representatives will acquaint you with the prices by phone or by contacting the company's office directly. We want cargo transportation in Ukraine to be accessible to everyone. And you can see it right now.
  • We guarantee a responsible approach. We have responsible drivers who will help with the loading of things that require transportation. We will develop a route in advance and answer all questions regarding the timing of cargo transportation. We will do everything necessary for the delivery to be made on time.
  • We have a well-established system of cargo transportation. For cargo transportation, we provide cars in full technical serviceability, quickly load and send them. All transport clearly follows the route. We provide escort and insurance of cargo against damage on our own. For the provision of cargo transportation services, an agreement is concluded, which is the main guarantee document of our obligations.
  • We have our own car park. Transport transportation of standard cargoes is carried out by a gazelle, a refrigerator, a bus of various capacity and carrying capacity.

You can order a car or ask a question that interests you by phone or by filling out the form on the website.

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