International air cargo transportation from Grand Logistics Company
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Air delivery of goods from China

We provide delivery cost calculations in 3 options for free!

Air cargo delivery from Grand Logistics Company

The trick of GLC is that we can quickly deliver cargo of any “complexity” from anywhere in the world to any country! We can also pick up your cargo in the sending country from the supplier, “drive” it to the airport, and then deliver it from the airport to your warehouse, “to the door” of your home or office.

Of course, we deliver cargo and goods from and to Ukraine. We have been delivering goods to Amazon for a long time, while most carriers deliver only from Amazon, and in this matter we are pioneers!

We work with both legal and physical persons. It is known that for a legal entity the terms of delivery, reliability and willingness are important, since individuals are more likely to pay attention to the price. All these factors are subject to the risk of air delivery and are available in a number of options. The manager himself selects the most acceptable one. In addition, you can always arrange a cost-free consultation with a mint broker and find out what documents are required for the mint clearance of the goods. For us, every request is an individual approach, along with a strategy when choosing a route. And what is the “more folding” edge or vantage, it’s better)) Choose an airline, airport, route - direct flight or 2-3 flights - all our turbo. Everything you need to know to organize delivery and arrange air delivery is information about vantage.

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We provide air transportation to 180 countries around the world

Air transportation to Ukraine

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From any country to any country

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We will pick up your cargo at the supplier’s warehouse, deliver it to the airport, make the flight and deliver the cargo to your forwarder.



We will receive your cargo at the sender's airport, make the flight and transfer it to your forwarder.



We pick up your goods from the warehouse, make a flight and deliver them to the door of your warehouse



We will pick up your cargo from the airport and deliver it to the warehouse

We are pleased to offer our clients 4 types of air transportation.


Longer, but cheaper. Delivery with high quality and minimal costs.


Transportation that optimally combines delivery time and cost.


Express delivery 24/7 for particularly valuable or urgent cargo.


Transportation of large or oversized cargo by air.


We offer you the highest customs clearance service at destination airports

We offer you the highest customs clearance service at destination airports from Grand Logistics Company:

  • Analysis of a set of documents under the agreement: study, comments, recommendations
  • Classification of goods according to the codes of the Customs Union of Foreign Economic Activity of the Customs Union (selection of customs codes)
  • Preliminary calculation of customs duties
  • Determination and preparation of permits for the import of goods
  • Declaration of goods to customs authorities, including presentation
  • Full control of all stages of customs clearance, including customs
  • If necessary, preliminary approval with customs authorities
  • Payment of customs duties for foreign trade participants

Delivery of cargo is always accompanied by the transfer of a full set of necessary documentation, including confirming customs clearance (invoices, certificates of work performed, copies and originals of customs declarations, waybills, etc.).

Upon completion of the customs clearance procedure, use our cargo delivery service from the Airport to the final recipient.

Find out the cost of air delivery!

We are ready to organize air delivery of such cargo



Our task is to ensure a smooth process in which a high level of service is combined with the efficient use of all resources.



The transport of dangerous goods (DGR) requires careful and precise planning. In this case, it is always necessary to comply with the requirements of official authorities and safety regulations.



We will organize fast and secret transportation of your valuables: cash, gold or other valuables. In addition to technical processes, we take care of all the necessary safety measures.



Perishable cargo - during transportation of which a necessary condition is strict adherence to temperature conditions, certain humidity and requirements in accordance with sanitary and hygienic standards.



Shipping large cargo and goods of special dimensions and weight by air requires special skills. Thanks to many years of experience, we will quickly deliver your cargo to its destination.



Organizing express delivery of goods requires quick response and extensive experience. We will compare all options for you and test them for maximum effectiveness.

Air cargo delivery – speed and reliability of transportation around the world

The Grand Logistics Company provides international air transportation to different countries of the world. Transport and forwarding activities provide documentary support for import and export deliveries, including filling out declarations, paying customs duties and fees. The procedure for clearing imports at customs includes value added tax, excise tax, and duty. International air cargo transportation also includes indirect payments: the presence of a container in a customs warehouse requires a qualification certificate, licensing fees, and temporary placement in the warehouse area. When organizing the transportation of products by air, managers minimize the waiting time for overload and downtime in order to reduce customer costs.

Types of air cargo transportation

Air freight delivery is classified according to the type of load, transportation directions and cargo category. Air cargo transportation is of the following types:

  1. General transport of artificial cargo in packaging - barrels, big bags, containers, packages, sacks, boxes, packages. The sender of the goods is one company, so this type of transportation is characterized by fast delivery and efficiency in organizing the transport process.
  2. Fellow travelers deliver a small shipment on flights (sometimes passenger flights) bound for the consignee. One of the main advantages of this type of transportation is the low cost of air transport services.
  3. A consolidated cargo delivery option involves equipping a cargo ship with artificial goods from different senders. The cargo is consolidated in the train until the optimal shipment volume is obtained. Air delivery by prefabricated method is characterized by low transportation costs.

Features of air cargo transportation

International air cargo transportation in accordance with the rules of transport and forwarding activities is carried out with a properly executed cargo bill of lading. Managers have experience working with different airlines and know the legal requirements and rules for transporting goods by air.

  1. Air cargo transportation is carried out by passenger and cargo aircraft.
  2. The overall dimensions of the cargo must correspond to the dimensions of the luggage compartment and free movement during loading and unloading. The fastening of the oversized container being transported must meet the strength indicators and ensure the safety of transportation.
  3. The cargo must have accompanying documents.
  4. The import, export or transit of certain types of aircraft by aircraft must be permitted by the legislation of the state into whose territory or through the country it is traveling.
  5. Air transportation of goods is carried out on the basis of the current Chicago and Warsaw conventions of 1944 and 1929, Geneva – 1956.

International air traffic for Grand Logistics Company is a familiar process that we have been engaged in for more than five years. Experience allows us to work quickly in all directions, to do everything to ensure that cargo reaches recipients intact and safe at minimal cost.

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