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Road freight transportation - Grand Logistics Company

I can talk a lot about road freight transportation for a long time 😉 Most of our clients choose road transport to deliver their cargo both in Ukraine and in any international destinations. So it was and so it will always be!

Bulk, flammable, dangerous, perishable, oversized - everything is subject to motor transport!

Prefabricated, multimodal – no questions asked!

Firstly, it is profitable in terms of delivery price. Secondly, there is a huge selection of carriers, which means there will always be a car. Today, with small quantities, even from China, it is more profitable to transport goods by truck - much faster!

Wherever there are roads, we can deliver cargo! In the entire history of the company, we have transported a colossal amount of experience!

We know and understand that safety, efficiency and price are important to the client! This is exactly what we train our logisticians to do.

We work only with trusted carriers and give current prices within 15 minutes of receiving the application!

Victoria Borsuk, Head of Logistics Department

Types of trucks we transport

Awning, semi-trailer

Designed to transport most cargo. Loading can be done from above, from the side, from behind. Loading capacity: 20-22 tons. Capacity 22-33 euro pallets. A useful volume is from 60-96 cubic meters. Dimensions: length 13.6 m, width 2.45 m, height 2.65-2.75 m. Semi-trailers are used for transporting large and heavy loads, installation of various equipment, agricultural needs, construction and other transport tasks.

Refrigerated semi-trailer

refrigerator semi-trailer

Essentially, it is a semi-trailer with a refrigeration unit. Designed for transportation of perishable goods and products, as well as goods, the transportation and storage of which requires compliance with a certain temperature. For example, medicines, drinks. Loading capacity: 12-22 tons. Eurostandard: 20 tons, 82 cubic meters of useful volume, 32 pallets.

The operation of refrigerators is 5-25 % more expensive than conventional types of vehicles


Automatic coupler

trailer coupler

Car plus trailer. Advantage: fast loading and unloading and large usable volume. Disadvantages: not suitable for transporting long items. Loading capacity: 16-25 tons. Useful volume: 60–120 m3. Capacity: 22-33 euro pallets.

"Jumbo" (Yumba)

jumbo yumba

The semi-trailer has increased capacity, which is achieved due to the “L”-shaped floor and the reduced diameter of the semi-trailer wheels. Load capacity: 20 tons. Useful volume: 96–110 m3. Capacity: 33 euro pallets.

Tank truck

tank truck

Tanks are designed for transportation of liquid, gaseous, finely dispersed and bulk (flour, cement) cargo.

According to their cross-sectional shape, tanks are divided into three types - round, elliptical and “suitcase” shaped.


Container ship


Traditionally, container ships are called sea transport. But since unloading points are often located far from ports (terminals), sea containers are transported on specialized automobile container ships.
A container ship can transport not only containers, but also any cargo for which the platform can be picked up and secured.

Dump trucks

hire grain trucks

They are made in the form of an open all-metal flatbed body with a hydraulic device for automatic unloading of transported cargo. At the same time, there is a side at the back, mounted on the upper hinges, which automatically opens when the body is tilted under the influence of its own gravity.



Designed for transportation of small volume and weight cargo. Load capacity: 1-3 tons. Volume: 3-10 m³. Advantages: low cost of transportation, high speed of delivery.

Grain carrier


Used for transporting grain crops. Loading capacity: 12-22 tons.

Platforms and low loaders


The platform, as well as its variety - the low-loader trawl, is a specialized cargo transport for transporting oversized and heavy cargo. They are distinguished by increased load capacity (up to 200 tons) and the presence of special fastening devices.

Geography of road transport



CIS countries


The goods we transport

Transportation of standard cargo

Road Freight - Standard Cargo

Loads whose weight does not exceed the values established by the manufacturer for a given vehicle intended for use on public roads, and the overall dimensions of the cargo and vehicle comply with traffic regulations.

Groupage cargo transportation

Road Freight Transportation - Groupage Cargo Transportation

Transportation of consolidated cargo is an ideal option if you need to deliver a relatively small cargo that does not occupy an entire freight car or transport small-sized shipments. This service is very affordable and does not lack all the advantages of full delivery.

Automobile oversized transportation

Automobile oversized transportation

Oversized transportation requires a special fleet of powerful truck tractors, open areas, low-load semi-trailers and trawls, telescopic trailers and a variety of additional fasteners and even special frames.

Transportation of dangerous goods

Road Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Transportation of dangerous goods is one of the most complex and responsible types of logistics services. The level of requirements for the qualifications and responsibility of specialists of a freight forwarding company increases in proportion to the increase in the degree of danger of the cargo. In this case, in addition to the client’s wishes, one should take into account all, without exception, current standards and requirements for the transportation of dangerous goods in accordance with their hazard categories.

Road transportation of liquid cargo

Trucking of bulk cargo

Transportation of liquid cargo by tanks is a labor-intensive and responsible process, since it requires modern equipment and a specialized professional team to ensure the original chemical state of the transported cargo.

Bulk cargo transportation

Bulk cargo transportation

The GLC company offers a full range of services for the transportation of bulk and bulk cargo and building materials (iron ores, ores, coal, sand, grain, sinter and pellets, coke, peat, cement, etc.).

The company assumes full responsibility for compliance with the established rules for their transportation along a route of any complexity, transport of any type.

Transportation of live cargo

Transportation of live cargo

In the agricultural sector, very often there is a need to transport animals (goats, pigs, cows, etc.) or birds over long distances. And if you consider that transporting livestock is a very troublesome business and has many subtleties and nuances, then you need to take the choice of a carrier company seriously.

Transportation of perishable goods

Transportation of perishable goods

Transportation of perishable goods is a very complex and responsible process. How to choose the right company for transporting perishable goods and not make a mistake? What accompanying documents must the shipper provide?

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About road freight transport

Grand Logistics Company specializes in cargo transportation services in Ukraine, CIS countries, and Europe. Our own fleet of vehicles, experienced employees, the availability of the necessary containers and packaging, knowledge of the rules and regulations of road transportation along highways of various carrying capacities - all this allows us to transport cargo in the shortest possible time at the best prices and with a guarantee of reliability and safety.

You can order road transport from us:

  • Standard and prefabricated.
  • Modal and multimodal.
  • Bulk, dangerous, perishable goods.
  • Oversized and long cargo.

We can:

  • Organize loading and unloading.
  • Take care of packaging and paperwork.
  • Develop a route.
  • Provide information about delivery times.
  • Monitor the delivery of your cargo.
  • Provide cargo insurance.

A full list of services is indicated on the website, and is also agreed upon individually, taking into account the characteristics of the cargo and the wishes of the client.

Trucking cargo: features and rules

Road transportation allows you to deliver any cargo throughout Ukraine and to foreign countries. We transport consolidated, fragile, perishable, bulky, oversized cargo, selecting appropriate vehicles that have the appropriate markings, dimensions, and equipment.

Organization of cargo transportation by road includes:

  • Selection of containers and packaging in accordance with approved standards.
  • Applying the necessary markings on cargo and vehicles.
  • Development of a delivery route for road transport.
  • Accounting for the cross-country ability of vehicles of the selected tonnage and dimensions along a given section of the route.
  • Preparation and execution of documentation necessary for road transport.

Our advantages

Our own fleet of vehicles and many years of experience allow us to quickly create a route, select the type and method of delivery, and prepare accompanying documents. We take into account the individual wishes of the customer and the characteristics of the cargo, providing transportation on favorable terms.

Road transportation services are provided with the following guarantee:

  • Fair price. The cost of transport services is calculated according to the price list. It depends on the type and weight of the cargo provided to the transport and the delivery route.
  • Deadlines. All services are provided under a contract that specifies an estimated delivery date. This will allow you to plan your time.
  • Saving delivery time. We will transport personal belongings, furniture, building materials, food, and interior items in the shortest possible time, since we will independently develop the route. Having your own fleet of vehicles will allow you to choose a vehicle with the required carrying capacity that can transport all the necessary things.
  • Delivery monitoring. The client can request information about the location of the cargo at any time.
  • Reliability and safety. We not only select transport, but also provide packaging, loading, and fastening to the body, which allows you to transport cargo without loss or damage.

You can order truck transport by phone. Or leave a request on the website and the manager will contact you.

DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS? ask them to the manager