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Road container transportation

Delivery of goods by container ship in any direction

Favorable rates

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Cargo delivery by container semi-trailer from Grand Logistics Company

Container ships are a popular mode of transport that allows you to deliver goods anywhere in the country and beyond by land. This is convenient, often quite profitable, especially if you want to form a groupage cargo.

Why should you use an auto container ship?

Road transport has a number of advantages, which include the following points:

  • The ability to deliver cargo by land to almost anywhere in the country.
  • Relatively fast delivery method, especially with proper route formation.
  • Possibility to deliver another cargo on the way back.
  • Affordable transportation price.
International container transportation between many countries is available only by land route. The car arrives at the destination not only faster than the train, but also does not require unloading the car, delivery of cargo by other vehicles to the destination. He immediately goes along the chosen route and can get to where there is no railway line or even an asphalt road.

The cost of road transport is usually lower, the cargo itself must have a certain volume. That is why this type of transportation is the most optimal for those customers who carry small loads or bulky goods. For both types of customers, we can offer container trucks of various capacities, designs and capacities. You can either rent a container in its entirety or just the number of seats you need. Consolidated cargo allows you to pay a minimum, while delivering your goods quickly and reliably.

Our services

Our company carries out container transportation in Ukraine and abroad. We offer the most favorable conditions:

  • Affordable prices in relation to the mass of cargo and mileage.
  • Possibility to use multimodal transportation.
  • High transport safety.
  • Full legal support of cargoes, including their customs clearance, if necessary.

You can contact our company and order a full package of services: this means that you do not have to collect documents, carry out the goods at customs. All these efforts will be taken care of by our specialists. We can organize container trucking to any point in Ukraine or to any other country. We have a large number of partners around the world, so we can offer our customers the most favorable rates and convenient conditions.

Advantages of cooperation with Grand Logistics Company

Our company is responsible for organizing the transportation of goods. If it is prefabricated, you will have to wait a few days until the container in the direction you want is formed: this method saves a lot of money, although it takes a little more time. If the cargo occupies the container completely, then we can send the car immediately. The duration of the delivery depends on the distance, the number of borders that need to be crossed.

We give a guarantee of the quality of services, we insure cargo at competitive rates. You can order container transportation from us by contacting us by phone or through the website.

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