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Cargo transportation by minibus

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Freight transportation by minibus from Grand Logistics Company

Cargo minibuses are a separate type of transport that helps deliver small amounts of cargo within the country or abroad. Such transportation is much cheaper and faster than ordering a truck, especially if you cannot fill it completely, and there is no groupage flight in the desired direction.

When do you need a cargo minibus?

Cargo transportation by minibus in Ukraine is a popular and in-demand service. They solve the following problems:

  • Apartment and office moves, when all the furniture and equipment cannot fit into a passenger car, and it makes no sense to order a large truck.
  • Delivery of goods to shops and other retail outlets.
  • Transportation of small-sized equipment.
  • Transportation of motorcycles, ATVs and other small equipment contained in the cabin of a minibus.
  • Country trips on which you need to take a lot of things or some equipment, for example, filming.
  • Delivery of goods between cities or to other countries when their volume is small and there is no need to order a truck.
  • Delivery of building materials, for example, paint, carpet, linoleum, boards.
  • Removal of construction waste.

International cargo transportation by minibuses is also popular. We will quickly deliver the cargo to any country and take care of the nuances associated with customs clearance. You pay exactly for the volume you need, without driving a truck, which costs much more. At the same time, you do not need to wait until the collection flight accumulates. This is especially convenient if your cargo takes up a small space or an unpopular destination is chosen, where groupage cargo is usually not delivered or you need to wait a very long time for collection.

Advantages of cooperation with GLC

We offer comfortable transportation by minibus. If necessary, we will provide the services of experienced forklifts who will carefully transport and pack your property, put it in the car, and after the move, bring it to the new premises. We have experienced drivers, minibuses are always in good working order, in good condition, there are free cars ready to arrive at any time convenient for you. With us, your move will be fast, comfortable and will not cause any hassle.

You can profitably order a minibus from us: freight transportation is inexpensive, it’s easy to fill out an application by contacting us through the website or making a call. It is enough to order the desired time and place, name the volume of the cargo and its weight. We will find the right car for you. We offer the following benefits:

  • Comfortable imported minibuses, the technical condition of which is carefully monitored by our company.
  • The ability to quickly assemble and deliver cargo to any point in Ukraine or beyond its borders.
  • If necessary, we handle customs declarations.
  • We have a convenient payment system and also provide a flexible system of discounts.

We always have transport, we guarantee the quality of service, and insure your cargo at a very competitive price. Your items will be delivered anywhere in the shortest possible time!

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