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Oversized transportation by low-loader trawl

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Oversized transportation by trawl becomes a necessity when it is necessary to deliver cargo of non-standard size. This could be a block room, spare parts for wind power plants, ships, large-sized agricultural machinery or spare parts for it, building materials, pipes and much more.

Our services

Our company offers transportation of any type of cargo by trawl. We have trawls of different sizes with different types of platforms. We will quickly and carefully deliver any cargo throughout the country and abroad, provide escort, and prepare all the necessary documents. We have a license for this type of activity. By contacting us, you can order a key service at the best price; you do not have to collect certificates or look for intermediaries for support. We will do all this ourselves at reasonable prices.

Trawls, the transportation of which is in demand both among individuals and among large companies, are platform trailers for tractor-trailers designed for transporting oversized or heavy cargo. Large-sized items include items whose length exceeds 20 m and width exceeds 2.55 m; such an item is at least 4 meters in height. In addition, the weight of the cargo is taken into account; if it is more than 20 tons, the cargo is automatically classified as oversized. We have reliable trawls for transporting equipment, differing in carrying capacity, design features, equipment and other parameters.

Our offer

We competently organize transportation by trawl, the price of which will be as favorable as possible for you. You need to approach this event responsibly and know certain nuances, so it is better to entrust the transportation to experienced professionals represented by our company than to look for a private owner with a suitable car. We offer trawls designed for different types of cargo, so you can choose the best option yourself or a specialist from our company will help you make the choice.

Our equipment

Most cargo cannot be placed on a platform with a conventional frame, which is why we offer low loader trawl services. This is the best option for delivering cargo of large weight and dimensions. Semi-trailers-trawls can have a length of up to 16 meters, while the platform is 40-90 cm near the ground, depending on the model. Such platforms are most often used for transporting high loads. There are models capable of moving up to 95 tons. In addition, we have high-frame trawls: this equipment, on the contrary, has a fairly large height from the ground - 1.25 meters, due to this the trawl can cross difficult sections of the road, move along dirt roads, and off-road. This is relevant if the cargo needs to be delivered to a rural area or a remote area where an asphalt road has not been laid. This technique is often used in winter.

The main advantages of working with Grand Logistic Company

If you need a low bed trawl or a high platform model, please contact us. We offer the following advantages:

  • Low bed semi-trailer at the best price, because we work without intermediaries.
  • Serviceable equipment at any time convenient for you. Our company handles maintenance and repairs, so you don’t have to take on this hassle.
  • Favorable tariffs, discounts, the ability to pay in a convenient way for you according to a convenient scheme. You can pay for the service in cash, by bank transfer, by transfer to a bank card or e-wallet.
  • Our company works with each client individually and can offer a convenient option.
  • We provide detailed consultations and help you decide on the type of transport.

Call and order a trawl on favorable terms!

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