Customs broker service from GLC in Ukraine. Customs broker services Kyiv
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Customs brokerage services

Customs Clearance “Turnkey” Day to Day. Experience More than 8 years.

Customs clearance of goods from Grand Logistics Company

Often, clients order international transportation on a “turnkey” basis - this is when, in addition to organizing transportation, the company undertakes the preparation and execution of documents for customs clearance of the cargo. I think this is correct.

Everything goes in one package, there are no unnecessary calls back, no shifting of responsibility, a manager who is always “in the know” is responsible for you, which means everything goes faster and more smoothly, there are no unforeseen expenses and downtime.

Our competitive advantage is the experience and professionalism of our customs brokers.

Firstly, we know how you can influence the cost - this is about the specifics of working with customs regimes, ways to reduce the cost of imports - preferential duty rates, preferences, the right one! classification of goods according to UKTVED codes.

Secondly, we know how to communicate with customs representatives in case of controversial issues, we know how to avoid the pitfalls of customs clearance of both exports and imports, we have non-standard approaches.


We can issue and obtain any certificates and permits for all types of goods even before the cargo arrives at customs.

We prepare multi-product customs declarations (up to 99 goods in one customs declaration). We calculate customs payments. We register enterprises with the customs services of Ukraine.

Our clients undergo customs control as quickly as possible and without additional costs. We guarantee correct and timely customs clearance of cargo in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine!

Victoria Borsuk, head of forwarding department of Grand Logistics Company.

Customs brokerage services

Our company offers customs brokerage services at the best prices. Our specialists are well aware of the legislation related to customs control, cargo clearance, and transportation. We will prepare the documents, make sure that your cargo passes customs without fines, delays and other problems.

Why do you need a customs broker?

Registration and legal support of cargoes requires good knowledge of a certain area of legislation, most often not only Ukrainian, but also foreign. In case of non-compliance with the norms, the cargo may be confiscated, detained, the owner of the goods may be fined, and other problems arise: for example, if the goods fall into risks, a review will be assigned. The latter, as a rule, is a regular procedure, but it takes enough time, you need to be present at the examination, etc.

A customs broker is needed so that these problems do not arise. He will prepare and provide all the necessary documents, obtain permits, submit declarations. In other words, customs brokerage services are necessary to represent the interests of the cargo holder and legal support of the goods.

What does a broker do?

The main service of a customs broker is the customs clearance of goods carried out in the country to which the goods were delivered as a final destination. We will help you complete this procedure as soon as possible with minimal risks. Our specialists perform the following types of work:

  • Determination of the product code: for this, the classifications of the TN VED CU are applied.
  • Drawing up and submission of the customs declaration.
  • Participation in reviews.
  • Providing additional information about the cargo for the customs authority.

What is the cost of services?

The cost of broker services depends on the type and size of cargo, the size of deliveries. We have the most favorable prices, we work without intermediaries, we meet the needs of our customers, offering favorable conditions.

Our advantages

If you need a legally competent, experienced broker, please contact our company. We have the following benefits for you:

  • The most favorable prices and convenient conditions can be discussed individually.
  • Discounts, individual approach to each client, the ability to adjust the terms of the transaction.
  • Prompt execution of any task related to customs clearance.
  • Professional advice, drawing up a declaration without errors, correct adjustment of the cost.
  • Full cargo escort, provision of containers for its transportation.
  • No hidden fees: we name the cost of the declaration immediately, the price will not change further.
  • Our experts can study your documents in advance, consult before you submit a declaration.

Turning to us, you do not have to deal with the clearance of your cargo yourself. Our brokers will quickly, efficiently and at affordable prices clear your goods. We provide a guarantee of the quality of our work.

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