About Grand Logistics Company – 15 years in the freight transportation market
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About Grand Logistics Company

Who are we?

Grand Logistics Company is a team of young professionals who know everything about cargo transportation, containers, trucks, couplers, customs, quotas, oversized and other buzzwords. Each application for transportation, each miscalculation is a painstaking and responsible work for us. We want to give you the best conditions. We want to be better than our competitors. It is important for us that customers become permanent! We value our reputation.

Geography of our cargo transportation

There is no such country or region of Ukraine that we cannot cover.

Freight transportation in Ukraine, Kyiv and Kyiv region.

International cargo transportation to the countries of the European Union (EU) and Europe, Asia. We love Poland, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, the Czech Republic and, of course, China, India and Turkey.

We transport across the former CIS: Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc.

There are no priorities. Any cargo is our “bread”.

Although, the larger the load and the further it is carried, the more interesting it is.

And if it is also regular transportation, then in general you are a super client.

Our specialization

Road freight transport is our favorite topic. In Ukraine or in Europe is not a problem for us. We are not afraid of dangerous and oversized cargo, we can transport almost everything, and even ... dinosaurs. Yes, yes, and there was such a case too!

We are happy to organize the transportation of personal belongings abroad or office relocation. Our clients trust us in any situation.

Interested in renting special equipment in Kyiv and Kyiv region? No question - we have a huge database and very good prices, we know this for sure, because we also monitor competitors.

How can we be sure of the authenticity of our words? Only personal experience and recommendations of our clients. You can read reviews on the website. Well, you can get personal experience by contacting us! All our contacts are below!

Our mission

Our clients receive only high-quality service in the field of logistics and foreign economic activity. We work with each client for a long-term cooperation, constantly accompanying the client. We take care of the staff of the company. In our team, relationships are built on a partnership basis!

We have created a unique corporate culture

We are not just colleagues - we are a big GLC family!

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