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Domestic and international trucking by road, in terms of volume and intensity, they rank second after railway transport. This is due to the affordable price for this method of delivery of various goods, as well as the convenience of loading and unloading operations and the ability to transport almost any cargo, including dangerous, heavy and large structures. Other advantages include maneuverability, the choice of the most suitable route, the speed of order execution, as well as the ability to deliver products or other things to any point in the country where roads are laid.

Variety of types and types of vehicles

Different cargo, requires compliance with certain conditions. For some, this is maintaining the temperature regime within the established norms, for others, the availability of special equipment and devices. For example, for transporting glass, timber, oxygen or nitrogen cylinders, and so on. That's why Grand Logistics Company and other large logistics companies have their own fleet of vehicles, consisting of trucks of various types, purposes and payloads, and also cooperate with Ukrainian and foreign carriers and owners of various vehicles and special equipment. This allows specialists of freight transport enterprises to optimize delivery processes as much as possible, and solve problems of any complexity. For example, recently the company GLC were able to successfully transport figures of dinosaurs to Ukraine from Latvia to actual size.

According to the generally accepted classification, trucks are divided according to several conditions

  1. Load capacities. They can be small, medium, large, up to 16 tons and more than 16 tons.
  2. Engine's type. Subdivided into petrol and diesel.
  3. Number of axles. There are 2, 3, 4, 5 axles and more.
  4. Wheel formula - 4x2, 4x4, 6x4, 6x6.
  5. Group - on-board general purpose and specialized (tractors, dump trucks, refrigerators, and so on).
  6. By composition. Single, road train consisting of a truck with a semi-trailer or trailer.
  7. body type. There are closed, open, tilt, container, refrigerator, isothermal, platform, tank, car transporter, truck tractor, dump truck.

Features of the right choice

By implementing cargo transportation within the country and beyond, it is important to choose the right vehicle. This will save a certain amount of money, facilitate the process of loading and unloading goods, as well as ensure the movement of the optimal route, and generally reduce the time of order execution. For example, for the transportation of oversized cargo, there is a list of mandatory conditions that must be strictly observed during its delivery. In particular, it should not cover the headlights, position and running lights, registration numbers, block the driver's view. In addition, it is possible to transport such goods only on vehicles, the technical capabilities of which allow this, according to the performance characteristics indicated in the technical passport. Exceeding these parameters is unacceptable.


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