CHIM TORG LLC – GLC - Grand Logistics Company
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Letter of recommendation: With this letter, the management of CHIM TORG LLC expresses its gratitude to Grand Logistics Company LLC represented by General Director Gasyuk V.Z. for the professional fulfillment of obligations in the field of transport and forwarding services.

During the period from April 2003 to October 2015, your company carried out a number of cargo transportations according to our requests and showed a good organization of work, accurate fulfillment of warranty obligations and the ability to quickly solve the tasks. During the execution of the freight forwarding contract, the employees of Grand Logistics Company LLC, namely the leading logistics specialist Anna Burakova, showed a high level of professionalism, communication skills, responsibility and willingness to cooperate. We can recommend Grand Logistics Company LLC as a reliable partner in the field of cargo transportation. Here you can always get quality service on time.