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China is the largest exporter of a wide variety of goods around the world, and Ukraine is no exception. Despite very long distances, Ukrainian entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens regularly order Chinese-made products. This is due to the affordable price and wide variety of assortment. It should also be added that in recent years the quality of Chinese goods has improved significantly. All this affects the increase in demand for cargo transportation from China to Ukraine.

Features of the delivery process

China occupies a leading market position in the production and supply of products from the food, light and chemical industries, electrical appliances and electronic equipment, durable goods such as bicycles, smartphones, tablets, refrigerators, plumbing fixtures, televisions, office equipment and much more. But finding a reliable supplier and establishing partnerships is only half the battle, since in addition to this, you still need to properly organize the delivery of products to Ukraine.


Types of cargo transportation

Most cargo from China is delivered to our country sea vessels. Usually these are container transportation, groupage orders and large wholesale deliveries. This method is distinguished by its affordable price, the ability to transport particularly heavy and large structures, and products that cannot be packaged (in bulk or bulk). The main port cities are:

  • Nimbo (Zhejiang Province);
  • Shenzhen - located near Hong Kong;
  • Guangzhou is the largest seaport of international importance.

In second place in popularity are air transportation. This option is the fastest. It is most often chosen when you need to urgently deliver important documents, medicines, medical equipment, as well as goods that have a limited shelf life or are characterized by high turnover, to Ukraine from China.

In addition, cargo transportation in the China-Ukraine direction can be carried out by rail, for this purpose various types of cars are used - covered, bunker, gondola cars, platforms, isothermal, “thermoses”, “refrigerators”, “glaciers”, car carriers, tanks, hoppers, dump cars. Among the key advantages of this option are high accuracy of meeting deadlines, independence from season and weather conditions, as well as a shorter period of time for goods to remain on the road compared to sea freight.

Some nuances of documentation

When forming prefabricated containers, you need to take into account that in this way you can transport products with a long shelf life, and the client is ready to wait for a full load (usually this takes from a week to one month). Another important point should be added here - carriers do not always agree to place different types of goods in one container, for example, textiles and electronics. This is due to the fact that with prefabricated shipments problems may arise when preparing a customs declaration and other accompanying documents.

An alternative, when organizing cargo transportation from China to Ukraine, may be cooperation with a supplier who has its own consolidation warehouses in mainland China. These are mainly Beijing, Shanghai, Yiwu, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Dongguan, Tianjin and many others. But there are also some nuances here - goods from Taiwan and Hong Kong are not collected in consolidation warehouses located in cities in mainland China. This is due to the fact that such products require appropriate customs clearance.

You should also take into account that when delivering cargo by sea, unexpected delays may occur due to weather conditions. There are cases when delivery dates are postponed by 1.5-2 weeks, and in some cases you have to wait until the next season or choose a different delivery method. But this usually happens if the route or method of transportation is chosen incorrectly.

It is quite difficult for representatives of Ukrainian logistics companies to control the process of transshipment on the territory of European countries if they do not have partners. In some countries, not all goods are allowed to be reloaded, for example, in Italy.

These are only the main features of the delivery of various goods from China to Ukraine. Therefore, in order for the process to be organized as efficiently as possible and at the lowest cost, it is best to contact a trusted logistics company, for example, Grand Logistics Company, whose qualified personnel have sufficient knowledge and experience in this field of activity.


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