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Polymers are one of the most in-demand types of raw materials today. They are used to produce a variety of plastic products such as bottles, containers, household items, pipes, and pipeline elements. It is important to note that the raw material is presented in the form of small granules or flakes. Therefore, the transportation of this material is often referred to as "flake transportation." This form of raw material determines the specific features of its transportation.

Specifics of flake transportation

Maintaining the cleanliness of the material is extremely important when transporting polymers. Contamination with dirt and foreign objects reduces the quality of the raw material and leads to defects in industrial production.

Flake transportation is carried out in two main ways:

Bulk transportation. This method is suitable for large batches and is carried out in special containers for bulk polymer substances (e.g., barrels). It allows for savings on packaging, protects the material from sunlight, overheating, and contamination, and simplifies the loading and unloading process.

Bag transportation. In this method, delivery is carried out in special industrial packaging that protects the cargo from various contaminants. A mandatory condition is transportation in covered vehicles.


The packaging must contain the following information:

  • Product name
  • Trademark
  • Cargo designation
  • Batch number
  • Manufacturing date
  • Weight

Features of partner transportation

Our partner fleet is equipped with special vehicles that ensure prompt and high-quality transportation of PVC crumb. Regular technical inspections of vehicles guarantee compliance with delivery deadlines and cargo safety.

Safety measures

Although PVC flakes are not classified as complex cargo, they require certain conditions during transportation and storage to maintain product quality. The main requirements are:

  • Temperature should not exceed 30°C
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Humidity level should not exceed 80%
  • Ensure protection from foreign objects and dust

It is important to remember that polypropylene emits harmful vapors only during the manufacturing process. Transporting PVC flakes is not hazardous.

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