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Transport services are a popular type of activity and affect almost all spheres of life. This is due to the need to carry out a constant delivery of various goods between their producers to consumers or trading companies. This should include the transportation of raw materials and finished products, all types of moving, including office, banking and international. Accordingly, the price of freight transportation is included in the cost of finished products, and depends on many factors.

The main types of freight transportation and their cost

Delivery of goods can be carried out by various modes of transport:

  • Truck – is considered the most affordable and popular, as it allows you to deliver almost any volume and different settlements;
  • water - relatively inexpensive, makes it possible to transport large volumes of goods, but delivery can take a long time and there are restrictions on the regions;
  • air - the fastest, but also the most expensive option.

In addition, cargo transportation is divided according to a number of other criteria. For example, domesticwhich are carried out on the territory of one country, international - involve crossing one or more borders. They can also be interregional, intercity, suburban and local (within a city, district or locality).

The classification also subdivides this type of service by the volume of cargo (mass, light-tonnage, groupage) and its nature - household, industrial, trade, construction, agricultural, military, special purpose, postal, utility. In addition, it is customary to single out certain types of freight transportation. These include the transportation of products of the oil and gas and chemical industries, dangerous goods, especially valuable products (for example, jewelry, precious stones and metals).

According to the frequency of implementation, services are divided into regular, one-time, seasonal, temporary.

What factors affect the price of freight transportation

All of the above directly affects the cost of transportation. But besides this, the final price depends on many other factors.

  • Vehicle selection. Standard or special purpose (refrigerators, isothermal, onboard, tilt, low loaders, car transporters, tanks, platforms, and so on).
  • Route selection. Here, too, it is very important to take into account many factors, ranging from the time of year and the condition of the roads, and ending with its length.
  • The need for transshipment and services of consolidation warehouses.
  • Whether the use of special equipment is required for loading, unloading or reloading products.
  • Delivery terms. Often, freight transportation is carried out by several modes of transport. For example, air and road or rail.
  • Current fuel prices. It is necessary to take into account the route, especially if it runs through the territory of several states.
  • Transportation costs for the maintenance of the vehicle.
  • presence of additional factors. (Urgency, compliance with certain temperature or speed regimes, cargo protection, forwarding, insurance, customs clearance, and so on).

How to calculate the cost of shipping and is it possible to do it yourself

Given the many factors that affect the final price of cargo delivery services, as well as a large number of logistics companies offering various terms of cooperation, it is quite difficult to choose the best option. Yes, on the website of many transport companies there are online calculators that allow you to determine the estimated cost of transportation from the supplier to the recipient. But it also has its own peculiarities and subtleties, ranging from the correct choice of vehicle, its loading, and ending with the route. It often happens that a slight increase in the route to pick up a passing cargo can significantly reduce the cost of the service.

Another important point is the speed of delivery of the vehicle. Major transport companies such as GLC (Grand Logistics Company)have a large fleet of vehicles. Plus, cooperation with partners and private carriers from different countries allows us to quickly and profitably resolve issues with the selection of cars or other vehicles.

It should also be borne in mind that ordering a full range of cargo transportation services, in most cases, is much more profitable than just delivery. This is especially true for international logistics, due to customs clearance of goods. To understand all these issues, and find out the cost of transportation on a specific route and taking into account all the conditions and requirements, the company's managers will help GLC.


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