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The war in Ukraine continues to make adjustments to the lives of all people. This applies to absolutely all categories of citizens and all spheres of activity. Today, small business representatives, due to the aggression of Russian troops, are forced to look for ways to continue working under martial law. To do this, small businesses have to move to safe regions of Ukraine.

Difficulties in evacuating small businesses from combat zones

If in peacetime the main reasons for the relocation of small businesses were expansion or change of scope of activity, more favorable rental conditions, acquisition of their own premises and some others, then after the attack by Russian troops, it became necessary to maximally protect their loved ones and working personnel, as well as ensure normal, as far as possible in war conditions, the functioning of the enterprise. In the conditions of martial law, the issue of employment of all able-bodied citizens is particularly acute. Even those who are not involved in the armed forces, territorial defense units and important infrastructure facilities must continue to work to support and develop the economy of Ukraine.

Representatives of small businesses from temporarily occupied territories, as well as front-line cities and towns that are constantly exposed to shelling, aerial bombing and missile attacks, in order to continue to work productively, are trying to move their office, store or production plant to safer areas. This process has its own nuances that must be taken into account.

  • Resolve the issue of accommodation in the locality where you plan to move. At the same time, it is important to understand that the main destinations for business evacuation are Western Ukraine, where literally from the first weeks of the war an acute shortage of free space began to be felt.
  • Clearly coordinate the actions of all employees to dismantle and pack equipment. This must be done as quickly and carefully as possible, observing all norms and rules. This is especially true for the packaging of computer and office equipment, complex electronic devices, for example, CNC machines, as well as production machines and refrigeration equipment.
  • Choose the right transportation method and vehicle. During martial law, small business relocation, like other types of cargo transportation, is possible only by road and rail. But here, too, there are some subtleties - the load on railway transportation has increased significantly since the beginning of Russian aggression, and railway infrastructure facilities are constantly exposed to enemy attacks.
  • Development of the optimal route. In this regard, it is necessary to take into account the distance, the ability to use bypass roads, the availability of gas stations and the safety of movement.
  • Organization of cleaning and dismantling work. It is necessary to arrive at the place of departure and arrival. The same service may be required if the transported mine is carried out in a multimodal way. when several types of transport are involved.

 In order for small businesses to move to the safe regions of Ukraine with maximum safety for the personnel and the possessions that are transported, in the current conditions, and in accordance with the prevailing norms and minds, it is necessary to turn to the great logistics companies y, one of them is GLC.

Why is it important to trust the organization of your move to professional logisticians?


“Grand Logistics Company” is a large Ukrainian freight forwarding company that, since the first days of the war, has been providing all available types of domestic and international cargo transportation. The company's employees, with full responsibility and understanding of the current situation, relate to the organization of supply chains in conditions of martial law in Ukraine. Thanks to extensive experience in the field of cargo delivery, a well-developed material and technical base (our own fleet of trucks and special equipment), well-developed routes and interaction schemes with all participants in the process, we can solve the most complex problems, even in such tense conditions. And the prompt relocation of small businesses to safe regions of Ukraine will allow them to quickly resume their activities and work to maintain and strengthen the country’s economy.


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