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Transportation of personal belongings the service is in demand and relevant for citizens moving for permanent residence abroad. But there are many nuances that should definitely be taken into account when planning to order delivery of furniture, household and computer equipment and other personal belongings to a new address.

The main options for transporting things when moving to Europe and other countries

Specialists Grand Logistics Company provide a full range of services in the field of logistics, and are ready to organize relocation to EU countries - Belgium, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Sweden, Croatia, Slovakia and so on, as well as to the USA, Canada, Australia, island states, Malta, Cyprus and many others.

Depending on the country where you plan to move and transport personal belongings, as well as their weight and volume, the optimal delivery method is selected. If you need to deliver a relatively small volume of cargo - up to 3 cubic meters. and a total weight of up to 200 kg, then it is best to do this as part of groupage cargo (in a container or truck).

Transportation of personal belongings weighing up to 3 tons and volume up to 25 cubic meters. can be carried out through a passenger border crossing. In this case, you will need to present a list of the property being transported and a power of attorney. When transporting personal belongings of large volume (over 25 m3 and weighing from 3 tons to 20 tons), you will need to go through a full customs clearance, not only at the place of new residence, but also in Ukraine. In this case, transportation is carried out through a cargo border crossing.

The cost of this service depends on the country to which the cargo needs to be delivered. For example, if these are countries of continental Europe, then the best option would be transportation automotive or railway transport. More suitable for island countries air transportation and water transport. Each of these options has its own characteristics, including pros (large volumes, strict adherence to schedule, speed of transportation, etc.) and cons (high cost, long delivery time, the need for additional transshipments, and so on).

Therefore, it is better to weigh everything once again and determine for yourself whether it is worth organizing the transportation of personal belongings when moving to another country, or taking only the essentials and purchasing furniture and household appliances at the place of arrival. The company’s logisticians will help you understand this issue and make the right decision. GLCwho have extensive experience in organizing the transportation of personal belongings to different countries of the world.

Organization of international relocation: main nuances

It is usually possible to import personal property into the territory of EU countries without paying duty within 12 months after the first registration. At the end of this period, you will have to pay additional customs duties for the delivery of personal items. But there are exceptions here, which may differ depending on the specific state. For example, in the Netherlands, in order to transport personal belongings duty-free, you need to obtain permission from a special state company.

Specialists Grand Logistics Company constantly monitor all changes in the legislation of various countries that are related to the field of transport and forwarding services, and are always aware of current norms and standards. Therefore, by contacting the company, logisticians will always be able to advise, select the best delivery method, a suitable car for moving to Europe or another type of transport, as well as organize the process in the optimal time, with a guarantee of the safety of the transported items and at the lowest cost for the client.


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