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Grand Logistics Company carries out refrigerated transportation of fruits and vegetables throughout Ukraine. These products belong to the category of perishable goods, the transportation of which must be carried out in compliance with sanitary standards and special conditions prescribed in regulatory documents.

Features of transportation of vegetables and fruits by refrigerated trucks

In the process of delivering perishable products, maintaining temperature conditions is the most important condition. For this purpose, a suitable option for solving the problem is the use of cargo refrigerated vehicles of various carrying capacity and capacity - from 1 ton to 20 tons. vehicles with increased carrying capacity (20-tonne vehicles) are usually equipped with additional rods. This makes it possible to transport light cargo in several tiers. Thus, 66 euro pallets with cargo can be placed in the body, instead of 33 standard pallets (800x1200 mm).

Transportation of perishable goodsthose that need to maintain different temperature conditions are performed by multi-mode refrigerators. GLC has its own fairly large and diverse fleet of vehicles, including refrigerated trucks. In addition, the company cooperates with private carriers and other cargo transport organizations. Thanks to this, the prompt supply of special transport is ensured, regardless of the location of the starting and final points of cargo transportation.

How the process of delivering perishable products is organized

Transportation of vegetables, fruits, frozen fish, meat, dairy products, live plants and medicines must be organized in strict accordance with sanitary standards and compliance with the required temperature and humidity. It is important to consider that even a slight violation of the temperature regime during transportation can cause deterioration in the properties and presentation of the product.

The optimal temperature for transporting fruits and vegetables is considered to be in the range of +1C - +8C, and for some crops, for example, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, and so on, it can reach +14C - +16C.

Organization of transportation of perishable goods is carried out as follows.

  1. Receiving an order and, if necessary, consulting a potential client.
  2. Selection of suitable transport.
  3. Drawing up a route.
  4. Drawing up estimates and coordination with the customer.
  5. Signing an agreement with mandatory cargo insurance.
  6. Providing a refrigerated vehicle for loading.
  7. Delivery of perishable cargo to the recipient and unloading.

The same scheme is used for freight transportation of pharmaceuticals across the territory of Ukraine. You can order the transportation of any types of cargo, including perishable ones, on the most favorable terms, with a guarantee of integrity and preservation of the declared properties, qualities and presentation at Grand Logistics Company. The company's logisticians have extensive experience and a well-developed material and technical base, which allows them to solve the most complex and non-standard problems. Other advantages of cooperation with GLC are - a transparent and understandable pricing scheme, a wide range of additional services, drawing up an official contract and full documentary support, insurance of transported products, the ability to independently calculate the estimated cost of services using an online calculator posted on the website. To summarize the above, it can be noted - freight transportation of fruits, vegetables, pharmaceuticals and other perishable products in refrigerated vehicles with the company GLC - it is always profitable, reliable, convenient and safe.


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