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Poland is the most important strategic partner for Ukraine. From the first days of the Russian full-scale military invasion of the territory of Ukraine, Poland began to provide unprecedented assistance to our country - it accepted the largest number of refugees (1.58 million people), sent a huge amount of humanitarian aid, military equipment and ammunition, fuel, food and much more. . After a year of war that the Russian Federation unleashed against the Ukrainian people, political and economic relations between the countries are only becoming stronger and actively developing, the volume of goods transported from Poland to Ukraine is constantly increasing.

What is important to consider when organizing cargo transportation from Poland to Ukraine


Russian military aggression has significantly changed supply chains, not only within Ukraine, but also in European countries and even throughout the world. The absence of air traffic over the territory of Ukraine for more than a year, blocking of sea ports, artillery and missile attacks on logistics terminals and large warehouse centers forced transport companies to quickly rebuild their activities. It was necessary to organize the safest and fastest delivery of the most necessary goods, which were supplied from different countries. Most of the products supplied to Ukraine are carried out through Poland.


All this has led to increased delivery times for goods, even despite the simplification of the procedure for passing through border checkpoints. In the near future, it is planned to introduce single checkpoints on the Ukrainian-Polish border. This should cut the time it takes to complete them by half. There are currently 8 vehicle checkpoints.


The most common methods of delivering goods and Poland to Ukraine in 2023.

In wartime conditions, cargo transportation in this direction is carried out by road and rail.All types of freight vehicles and railway cars are used for this purpose.This allows for the transportation of various types of cargo:

  • Bulk;
  • Bulk;
  • Gaseous;
  • Perishable;
  • Heavy;
  • Oversized;
  • Dangerous;
  •  In sea containers;
  • Prefabricated;
  • Packed in Euro pallets;
  • Piece.

Logisticians of “Grand Logistics Company”, when organizing the transportation of goods from Poland to Ukraine, take into account all the subtleties and nuances, which is especially important in the current conditions.Here you need to take into account absolutely everything about the nature of the cargo, the safest route, delivery times, the possibility of refueling vehicles, and coordination of interaction with other participants in the logistics chain.In this case, the correct choice of transportation method, the fastest delivery of equipment, and proper execution of accompanying documents are important.All this makes it possible to transport goods to Ukraine from Poland in the shortest possible time and at the most favorable rates.

Among other advantages of transporting products in this direction, with the GLC company, the following points can be highlighted - the presence of our own fleet of vehicles, the introduction of modern digital technologies and techniques, as well as automation and mechanization of most processes, partnerships with Carriers allow us to quickly solve the most complex and non-standard tasks, compliance with all European and international norms and standards, providing a guarantee of the safety and integrity of transported goods and ensuring maximum safety for the life and health of all participants in this process.


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