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Every person who has previously encountered moving abroad understands that this process is quite complex and requires proper organization. Otherwise, it can take a long time, lead to unnecessary financial expenses, not to mention emotional and physical exhaustion. Therefore, the specialists of one of the largest logistics companies in Ukraine Grand Logistics Company recommend entrusting this matter to professionals, and they also give a number of practical tips on how to organize a move.

How to simplify the process - recommendations from professionals

First of all, you need to plan the date of the move in advance. At the same time, it is important that the preparatory process takes place in optimal time. This means - without deliberate delays, but also without unreasonable haste.

The second important point is to determine the volume of things transported and make a list of them. At the same time, it’s good to immediately get rid of those things that you most likely won’t need, you can sell them, give them to friends, give them to people in need, or just throw them away.

Choosing the right vehicle. This is one of the most crucial moments. When choosing a truck to move to another country, there are many factors to consider:

  • Carrying capacity and capacity of the vehicle;
  • The presence of the necessary fasteners and fixtures, necessary for example, for the transportation of large-sized furniture or household appliances;
  • Possibility of free access to the place of loading and unloading;
  • The presence of additional elements - a tail lift, clamps, high-quality inner lining;
  • The vehicle must be in good technical condition and clean inside.

Preparation of things for loading, unloading and transportation. To do this, it is advisable to order special packaging (boxes, boxes, plastic bags and other containers), as well as adhesive tape, wrapping paper, special film. Packing personal belongings can be done on your own, but it is better if qualified specialists do it. In this case, this process will take a minimum of time, will be carried out carefully and in compliance with all norms and requirements, plus a guarantee of integrity and safety. In addition, the owners can not break away from their main activities, which is especially important for businessmen, entrepreneurs, top managers.

The next important point is the dismantling of furniture that is very heavy, has large dimensions or is not intended for transportation in assembled form. The same applies to large household appliances and personal computers. Here, too, it is better if the work is carried out by professional craftsmen, using a special tool, and able to properly disassemble and assemble furniture, as well as uncommutate equipment and equipment.

Use the services of professional movers. Of course, you can take out and bring in all the property yourself, or by inviting relatives, friends and acquaintances. But in this case, no one will be held liable in case of damage or loss of things. In addition, the process may be delayed, for example, due to ignorance of the features of carrying heavy and bulky things up the stairs or the correct placement of various goods in the back of the vehicle.

Comprehensive approach and cost savings

Transportation of personal belongings abroad with company GLC — it is always convenient, reliable and cost-effective. It is achieved thanks to the well-coordinated work of all employees of the logistics company, a well-established scheme of interaction, a balanced pricing policy and a large own fleet of trucks. To this should be added an integrated approach to the organization of international relocation.

The company's logisticians will select the most suitable truck, the best route, which is especially important for international transportation, as well as a team of qualified specialists, depending on the volume and complexity of the upcoming process. To this should be added the formal conclusion of the contract and cargo insurance. This approach allows you to transport personal belongings abroad in the shortest possible time, with a guarantee of their safety and at affordable prices.


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