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The activities of many enterprises involve the need to regularly or periodically transport gaseous substances, flammable liquids, explosives and a number of other goods classified as dangerous. The organization of their delivery should be carried out by professional logistics companies that have the appropriate permission, technical capabilities, as well as experience and certain knowledge. One of the key activities of the Grand Logistics Company is the transportation of dangerous goods throughout Ukraine, which is carried out in strict accordance with many regulatory documents and rules.

What goods are considered dangerous?

This category of cargo includes various materials, substances and products that may pose a certain danger to the environment, health and life of people, as well as private and collective property. To determine the necessary safety measures during transportation, all dangerous groups are divided into 9 main classes, some of which also have additional subgroups. More detailed information can be obtained from special reference books and regulatory documents. The most common cargo classified as dangerous are:

Explosives and products, toxic, infectious, flammable, spontaneously combustible, oxidizing and corrosive substances, radioactive materials, organic peroxides and some others.

What to consider when organizing the transportation of dangerous goods in Ukraine

The first stage in organizing the delivery of dangerous goods in Ukraine is its classification, in accordance with current European and international standards. Based on this, the method of transportation is determined and the route is developed. For dangerous goods of some classes and subclasses, there are restrictions on transportation time (for example, they can only be transported during daylight hours), and in certain cities and towns they are generally prohibited for movement.

Also, special attention is paid to the delivery method. Most often, specially equipped vehicles are used for this, which must have the appropriate permit and must be regularly checked. It must also have a special marking of a single standard.

The main methods of transporting dangerous goods

In accordance with current regulations, the class of dangerous goods and its markings must be affixed to the vehicle used to transport it and its packaging. Delivery of products and substances falling into this category can be carried out in:

  • Tanks;
  • Boxes, crates, buckets, containers and other packaging;
  • Bulk - Primarily used for solid and unpackaged materials and products.

Another important point when organizing this process is special training of personnel transporting dangerous goods in Ukraine. In particular, drivers and accompanying persons must have experience, knowledge and appropriate qualifications. The GLC company has its own fleet of special equipment, as well as a staff of qualified and certified specialists who have permission to transport dangerous goods in Ukraine and abroad. All this makes it possible to solve the most complex logistics problems in optimal time, at affordable prices and in strict compliance with all standards and norms, providing 100% with a guarantee of the integrity and safety of transported material assets, as well as preventing threats to the life and health of people, animals and harm to the environment .


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