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Transportation of dangerous goods requires compliance with certain conditions, the most careful and careful attitude and the presence of special knowledge and work skills in the process of transportation. Specialists Grand Logistics Company they have a lot of experience and have all the above-mentioned qualities. For many years, the company has been delivering dangerous goods both within Ukraine and abroad.


What is included in the concept of "dangerous cargo"

This category includes substances that, in the process of transportation, storage, as well as during loading and unloading operations, can cause poisoning, radiation, burns, injury to people, wild and domestic animals, cause an explosion or fire, damage the vehicle, cause tangible harm environment Such substances include acids, gases, flammable liquids, infectious and radioactive, poisonous, oxidizing, corrosive, caustic and explosive materials.

All dangerous goods are divided into 9 classes, and depending on this, the conditions of transportation and safety measures that should be observed on the road are determined. Transportation of dangerous goods is allowed by means of vehicles that have the appropriate equipment and have passed inspection, which is confirmed by licenses, permits and certificates. Persons accompanying such cargo must undergo training and have a documentary permit.

What types of transport are used

Transportation of dangerous goods can be carried out by car, by sea and by air transport. But the first two are the most common, since there are much fewer restrictions and more opportunities for the use of special equipment and special equipment (tanks, including built-in ones, containers of different volumes, multi-element gas containers, large-sized containers, and so on). This process is regulated by the European ADR agreement (on international road rules for the transportation of dangerous goods), as well as a whole list of industry documents, in particular, the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Rules for the Transportation of Radioactive Materials and some others.

In addition, the transportation of dangerous goods involves careful preparatory work, including:

  • Packaging;
  • Marking;
  • Forming declarations and other permitting documentation;
  • Coordination of all details and nuances.

Specialists of the company GLC have great practical experience in solving all these tasks, as well as the necessary tolerances and permits. Thanks to this, the transportation of dangerous goods within the country and abroad Grand Logistics Campany is carried out as quickly as possible in compliance with all international norms, rules and standards and at the best prices. This is achieved due to the high qualification of the company's logisticians, the correct selection of the delivery method and the preparation of the route. An individual approach to the execution of each order makes it possible to satisfy the client's needs as much as possible and guarantee high-quality services, exact compliance with the terms of the contract, safety and security of the cargo. You can get qualified advice and find out the cost of delivery of dangerous goods by contacting the company's managers. To do this, they take into account all the important factors affecting the final price. Therefore, it is fast, convenient, reliable and safe.


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