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Refrigerated transport in Ukraine are a fairly common service. This is explained by the fact that many types of goods need to be provided with certain conditions during transportation and storage. This primarily applies to perishable products and some medical products that require protection from exposure to high or very low temperatures. Today you can order refrigerated transportation throughout Ukraine in any direction and under the most favorable conditions from the Grand Logistics Company.

In what cases is refrigerated cargo transportation required?

International and Ukrainian sanitary and hygienic standards clearly define storage and transportation conditions for various types of goods. This is especially true for food products, which require a certain temperature regime and the required air humidity during delivery. These product groups include:

  • Meat;
  • Fish;
  • Perishable fruits, vegetables, mushrooms;
  • Frozen products;
  • Semi-finished products;
  • Canned meat and fish;
  • Seafood;
  • Confectionery products, including chocolate;
  • Liquor products;
  • Soft drinks.

In addition, transportation by refrigerator in Ukraine is used for the delivery of certain types of medicines and medical supplies, cosmetics, plants and chemical industry products.

Features of transportation by refrigerator in Ukraine

When organizing refrigerated cargo transportation within the country, GLC logisticians pay special attention to the correct choice of vehicle and route planning. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the nature of the cargo (fresh, frozen, deep-frozen, chilled, in sealed packaging), the volume of the shipment, its total weight, the presence of additional requirements (for example, protection from dampness, sunlight, temperature limitation, etc.). For this, special equipment is used. Refrigerated cargo transportation in Ukraine is carried out by road, sea/river and railway transport. Based on the type of product transportation, refrigerators are divided into the following types:

  • Refrigerated vehicles - these include trucks, semi-trailers, trailers equipped with special equipment to maintain the desired temperature, as well as isothermal vans;
  • Refrigerated containers are containers in which a refrigeration unit is installed;
  • Refrigerated railway car.

Also, in some cases, to organize the transportation of goods that require special conditions, other special equipment can be used, for example, a fire truck, sectional (2-tier) refrigerators, as well as vehicles whose body is equipped with snipe rods. The latter are most often used for transporting flowers and other plants.

Advantages of refrigerated transportation with “Grand Logistics Company”

Refrigerated cargo transportation services are in demand all year round. Considering the peculiarities of their organization, and the need for strict compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards when transporting many types of products, only reliable and proven logistics companies should be trusted to deliver perishable goods by refrigerated truck. In Ukraine, the leader in this service segment is the GLC company. Extensive experience of successful work (more than 10 years), our own fleet of vehicles, including refrigerators of various sizes and carrying capacity, as well as special equipment, plus highly qualified specialists and an individual approach to solving each task, allow us to organize transportation by refrigerators throughout Ukraine on the most favorable terms, within the optimal time frame, in compliance with all norms and standards and guaranteeing the integrity and safety of cargo.


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