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Any warehouse is designed to accommodate and store stocks of goods, spare parts, components, manufactured products, as well as to ensure regular and uninterrupted deliveries according to the orders of retail chains, manufacturing enterprises, workshops, service centers and other end consumers. Solving these problems requires rational use of room space and proper organization of work processes. For this purpose, warehouse equipment and special lifting equipment are used. Now, when many Ukrainian cities are subject to regular shelling, missile strikes and air attacks by Russian occupiers, in order to continue the effective operation of enterprises in various sectors of the national economy, transportation of the warehouse to the Western part of Ukraine is required. “Grand Logistics Company” organizes this process in the shortest possible time and with minimal risks to the life and health of working personnel and transported property.


Features of transporting warehouses from combat zones to Western Ukraine


Warehouses come in different types. They differ depending on their purpose, storage method and type of product and some other factors. Here are the main types of warehouses:

  • Production;
  • Military;
  • Commercial;
  • Transit and transhipment;
  • Reserve;
  • Early delivery;
  • Seasonal;
  • Wholesale distribution;
  • Customs;
  • Retail;
  • Small wholesale.

When transporting a warehouse to Western Ukraine in wartime, it is necessary to ensure maximum security at all stages of this process. To do this, GLC employees correctly select the delivery method and type of transport. Most often, railway cars and trucks are used for this. Each of these options has its pros and cons, which is especially important during hostilities on the territory of Ukraine.

Priority modes of transport for transporting warehouses in wartime


Rail transport allows you to transport large volumes of cargo, including large equipment and warehouse equipment. But in wartime, railway transport already has many additional tasks - this is the evacuation of people from territories where hostilities are taking place, the transportation of military equipment and ammunition. Therefore, the congestion of this type of transport increases significantly. To this should be added constant shelling and missile attacks on large hubs and stations, which cause significant damage to the railway infrastructure. Therefore, delivery of warehouse equipment may take much longer than usual.


Transportation of the warehouse to the Western regions of the country by trucks is a more suitable option at this stage. This is explained by the ability to quickly change routes, choosing the safest ones. In addition, our large private fleet of trucks and special equipment makes it possible to transport almost any cargo, including large, heavy, liquid, bulk, dangerous, perishable and others. The following types of trucks are used for this:



  • Eurotrucks;
  • Car carriers;
  • tank trucks;
  • Refrigerators;
  • Isothermal semi-trailers;
  • Automatic couplers;
  • "jumbo";
  • Container ships;
  • Timber trucks;
  • Grain carriers;
  • Platforms for oversized cargo and some others.

The main stages of transporting a warehouse to the West of Ukraine


Organization of warehouse relocation includes transportation of goods and materials, shelving, various equipment, including automated storage systems, lifting equipment (forklifts, reach trucks, stackers, etc.), special packaging (pallets, containers, trays, insulated boxes, etc.) and computer technology. The process of transporting a warehouse to the West of Ukraine includes the following stages:

  • Packaging of stored products;
  • Dismantling and packaging of warehouse equipment;
  • Supply of transport and its loading;
  • Transportation to destination;
  • Unloading and installation of rack structures and other equipment;
  • Unpacking and placing material assets.


To properly organize this process, it is necessary to select a warehouse space in advance, in accordance with the necessary conditions, starting with area, height and layout, and ending with special conditions, for example, the presence of an overpass or a railway line, a place for unloading long trucks, etc.


Logisticians of the GLC company have extensive experience in organizing all types of cargo transportation, both domestically and abroad. The solution to each task is carried out on an individual basis. Thanks to the highly qualified employees and well-developed schemes for interaction between participants in the process, the transportation of any warehouse to Western Ukraine is carried out in the shortest possible time and in compliance with safety measures at every stage. Cargo transportation with Grand Logistics Company, even in such difficult times, is always reliable, safe and convenient.


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