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Before starting the transportation of bulk goods, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of what is being discussed. These are substances that have a loose consistency and are often measured by volume — cubic meters or by mass — in tons. Specialized cargo transport is used for the transportation of such goods, which may include models with a special body structure, such as tankers, dump trucks, trailers, and container carriers.

How to properly load and unload bulk goods?

The method of loading and unloading depends on the type of substance. Transportation of construction materials such as gravel, sand, asphalt chips, gravel, expanded clay, soil, etc., is particularly popular.

Industrial enterprises are interested in transporting bulk goods that have aggressive effects. These can be chemical fertilizers. The food industry constantly requires logistics for flour, salt, sugar, grains. In the fuel industry, cargoes such as coal and peat are important.

The method of loading such products significantly depends on their fraction:

  • Lump - objects that can be handled by hand;
  • Granulated - pressed powdered components into separate pieces;
  • Powdered - the finest fraction, similar to flour or sand.

Considering the significant volume and mass of such goods, the process of loading and unloading requires special attention. It is closely related to the use of energy resources. There are two main types of loading:

1. Bulk— the fraction is loaded from the top, for example, through a conveyor belt, combine buffer, or sleeve. Unloading is done by raising the body with a bucket. This method is applicable for homogeneous products not packaged in the truck body. Often, such cargoes are covered with a tarp from above to prevent them from being lifted by the wind and getting wet.
2. Bulkhead — used for products with a large fraction, such as food products, lump ore, coal, and others. Loading is carried out using loaders, grab cranes, or conveyors, and specialized terminals are required for unloading.

What requirements must be met during the loading and unloading of bulk goods?

It is important to consider the type of transported substance, avoid its heating from the sun, and prevent spontaneous combustion. To do this, contact with oxygen is limited and heat dissipation is ensured, while the temperature regime must be controlled. It is also necessary to ensure that the total mass of the cargo does not exceed the dimensions of the truck body sides, provide uniform distribution of the load on both axles, and the packed cargo must be secured to prevent movement during transportation. Heavy items of small volume should be placed at the front of the body. In addition, the height of the truck with cargo should not exceed 3.8 meters.

In which transport are bulk goods transported?

The transportation of bulk goods is mainly carried out by dump trucks equipped with a hydraulic lifting mechanism for the body. They can have an open or closed trailer. To simplify logistics and sale of powdered fractions, the manufacturer may package them, for which container carriers are often used.

Tankers and trailer containers are used for the transportation of food and chemical goods, where it is important to maintain moisture and protect from contamination. The same vehicles are used for the transportation of hazardous goods, for which special rules apply.

For successful logistics, it is important to consider the regulations and rules defined for each type of transported substance, including changes in their physical and chemical properties during transportation, as well as their impact on the environment.

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