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First road test of unmanned trucks

March 29, 2016

The German concern Daimler conducted the first road tests of a convoy of unmanned trucks connected to the Network and linked into a single whole.

“We are building a new, highly efficient and open logistics network. We connect trucks to the Internet, which makes them mobile elements of the logistics network connected to the Data Processing Center,” Wolfgang Bernhard commented on the tests, “This network connects everyone involved in the turnover: drivers, dispatchers, operators, workshops, manufacturers, insurance companies and authorities authorities. They receive real-time information about the condition of the tractor and semi-trailer, traffic and weather conditions, availability of parking lots and service stations on the highway, recreation areas and much more.”

According to the testers, the combination of stealth mode and manual control can reduce fuel consumption by seven percent and halve the space occupied on the road. At the same time, road safety is improved.

The concept of unmanned road transport, which the German concern has been implementing since 2013, is called Mercedes-Benz Trucks Highway Pilot Connect. It involves connecting all trucks to the Internet and automating their management from the server.

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