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The logistics market in Ukraine began to develop actively relatively recently. Its low level of maturity has made logistics an attractive and less competitive sector, drawing many new entrepreneurs. With increasing competition, there arose a need for additional measures to determine the reliability of carriers.

Clients should thoroughly investigate a transport company before making a deal to assess its responsibility, commitment, and solvency, thereby minimizing the risks of collaboration. It’s important to know which scoring methods will help conduct a quality analysis.

Signs of a reliable contractor

A reliable logistics partner always strives for long-term cooperation beneficial to both parties. Therefore, they will provide complete information to earn the trust of a new partner.

Key criteria for assessing a carrier's reliability:

  • Complete basic company data is freely accessible.
  • Provides all necessary information upon request.
  • Is not involved in court proceedings related to financial fraud.
  • Has positive reviews characterizing them as a conscientious partner.

Despite meeting most of these criteria, it does not guarantee trouble-free delivery but reduces the risk of fraud.

Grand Logistics Company cares about the safety of all transactions. Before signing a contract, we also check new clients through special information resources. Vetting contractors is necessary to ensure safe and reliable cargo transportation, minimizing the risk of financial losses for both parties.

How to verify a carrier's reliability

To avoid fraud, it’s important to know how to properly analyze transport companies.

Request statutory documents. Start by checking the basic information about the company online. Ensure that the details, phone numbers, and emails on the carrier's website match those provided by the contractor. Look for reviews left by past clients. A reliable carrier won’t hide reviews, even negative ones. If a problem was resolved, it’s a sign of a responsible partner.

Match the legal name. Compare the company or individual entrepreneur's name with the INN or OGRN details listed on government services. Fraudsters may cover themselves with well-known brands, creating shell companies to extort money from clients.

Check information from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. On the website of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, verify the company's details. Ensure that the types of activities and registration address match the actual data. The registration address should match the company’s location.

Grand Logistics Company — a reliable freight carrier

Grand Logistics Company has over sixteen years of experience working with various industries. We strive to provide quality freight services, ensuring control over shipments from start to finish. Choosing a reliable logistics agent is a priority task for any business, and we aim for stable and long-term cooperation.

Looking for a reliable partner for freight transportation? Grand Logistics Companyis your best choice! We guarantee the safe and timely delivery of your cargo.

Grand Logistics Company — Your Reliable Partner in the World of Logistics!


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