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Proper organization of the cargo transportation process is one of the foundations for the effective functioning of any enterprise, company, and the economy of the country in general. In the conditions of the war that the Russian Federation started against Ukraine, the vital activity of strategically important facilities, state-owned enterprises, military units, commercial structures and ordinary citizens largely depends on the speed and safety of delivery of necessary goods. Now, when the work of seaports is almost completely blocked, there is no air traffic, one of the priority methods for delivering various goods is road freight.

What cargo can be transported by road?

Thanks to the use of various types of trucks, almost all types of cargo can be delivered from Ukraine to Europe.

  1. Liquid - transported in tanks and tank containers.
  2. Perishable and medical goods that require special conditions for transposition - refrigerators and isothermal vans are used for this.
  3. Bulk - mainly delivered by dump trucks.
  4. Gaseous - gas cylinders, tank trailers, and tank containers are used for transportation.
  5. Dangerous - transported by various types of vehicles that are certified, undergo regular inspection and have special markings.
  6. Oversized and heavy - to deliver such cargo from Ukraine to Europe, low-loader trawls, platforms, semi-trailers, and manipulators are used.
  7. General - transported in Eurotrucks, Mega and Jumbo semi-trailers, couplings, road trains and container ships.
  8. Prefabricated - most often transported in containers or flatbed trucks.

The Grand Logistics Company's own fleet of vehicles allows for road freight transportation from Ukraine to Europe of any type of product, at the best rates, in the optimal time frame and in compliance with all international norms and standards.

PA list of the main advantages of delivering goods by road from Ukraine to European countries

The use of vehicles allows for the delivery of any cargo according to the scheme “From the sender’s door to the recipient’s warehouse” on a turnkey basis. This eliminates the need for additional overloads during transportation and reduces order fulfillment time. The second important advantage of this method of transportation is its versatility - you can leave any cargo with virtually no restrictions. The third advantage is flexibility in creating the optimal route and the ability to adjust it during the order fulfillment process.

Another important point is the ability to always choose the appropriate type of truck, depending on the nature of the cargo, route, volume of delivery and the necessary conditions that must be observed during the transportation process. In addition, road freight transportation is characterized by a fairly high speed and lack of connection to schedules, such as, for example, when delivering by air or rail.

To this should be added a well-developed road transport infrastructure in European countries. This makes it possible to calculate with sufficient accuracy the time of delivery of goods to the recipient’s warehouse. At the same time, the location of the cargo, when delivered by road from Ukraine to Europe, is easy to track and control, thanks to the use of modern technologies. All of the above actors make international auto delivery of goods from Ukraine to European countries with the GLC company as reliable, fast and cost-effective as possible.


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