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Fast and safe transportation of goods is one of the foundations for the effective functioning of any company, enterprise and economy in general. Efficient cargo transportation ensures business continuity and consumer access to a wide range of products. Trucking are the most popular and in demand.

The main pros and cons of this type of freight transportation

Delivery of goods by road allows you to organize the process in the format "from the door of the sender to the door of the recipient", without additional overloads. Other advantages of this mode of transportation are:

  • Mobility;
  • Minimum restrictions on the transported cargo;
  • Possibility of delivery to almost any city and locality in Ukraine, as well as European countries;
  • Versatility - due to the presence of a large fleet of vehicles that allow you to transport any cargo, including bulky, heavy, dangerous, products of the chemical industry and the oil and gas industry, especially valuable goods, perishable products and much more;
  • Efficiency - there is no link to the schedule of departure and movement, so the loading and dispatch of products can be carried out within a few hours after the application is submitted;
  • Reliability and compliance with delivery times;
  • Ability to track the route and location of freight transport;
  • democratic value.

Among the disadvantages of road transportation, the following points can be distinguished - the need for a developed infrastructure, not all settlements can be accessed all year round, the direct dependence of the cost of cargo transportation on the price of fuel, consumables and spare parts, which are constantly changing.

Advantages of trucking goods from Europe with Grand Logistics Company

As for international road transport, it should also be noted that there are certain requirements for vehicles and companies providing services in the field of logistics. First of all, this concerns the EU countries. To carry out road transport from Europe and in the opposite direction, a special license is required, the issuance of which is regulated by EU Regulation 1072/2009, approved in October 2009 by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union.

All company trucks Grand Logistics Company (GLC) have such Eurolicenses, and can carry out road transport of goods completely legally, with a guarantee 100% of the integrity and safety of the transported goods.

The advantages of automotive freight transport from Europe are - a high speed of order execution, which is explained by the well-developed infrastructure and the excellent condition of transport routes. To this we can add relatively small distances and a sufficient number of checkpoints. Plus growing popularity consolidated (groupage) transportation. All this makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost of delivery and organize the process in the shortest possible time and in compliance with the necessary conditions and requirements.

In addition to ordinary cargo, by contacting Grand Logistics Company, you can order delivery on the most favorable terms:

  • sea containers;
  • food products;
  • perishable products;
  • Medications;
  • medical equipment;
  • Oversized cargo;
  • Jewelry, precious metals and stones and other especially valuable products;
  • Dangerous goods of different classes (explosives, flammable liquids, infectious, oxidizing, corrosive, toxic substances, radioactive materials, and so on).

Road transport from Europe with GLC It is a guarantee of safety and security of transported goods. The company's specialists will always help you choose the most suitable and profitable option for the customer and pre-calculate its cost. All this is done taking into account the nature of the cargo, its mass, overall dimensions, the presence of special conditions for the temperature regime and the characteristics of transportation, the required time frame. They will also provide a number of additional services - documentary support (including customs clearance), cargo insurance on the best terms, consulting on foreign economic activity, forwarding.

Cargo transportation by road from Europe with Grand Logistics Company is a full range of services that allow you to ensure the delivery of any product from the sender's door to the recipient's door in the shortest possible time and at no extra cost.


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