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Calculate the cost of air delivery

Do you need to send cargo? Save time when choosing?

"Grand Logistics Company" will help you calculate the cost in any chosen direction.

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Calculate the cost of air delivery

Air delivery is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to transport cargo anywhere in the world. Our company will organize air delivery of any non-prohibited cargo, all you have to do is conclude an agreement with us, we will take care of all the other troubles.

Air delivery cost

The cost of air cargo delivery can be calculated on our website. To do this, we offer a special air delivery calculator, by filling out the fields you can find out the approximate cost of the service. The following data is taken into account when calculating:

  •  Type of cargo.
  •  Its mass.
  •  Cargo volume.
  •  Flight range.
  •  To which city or country the cargo will be delivered.
  •  Which company will he fly with?

You can find out more precisely, for example, the cost of air delivery from China, from our operator; to do this, contact us by phone or write an email. We will accurately calculate the price, taking into account all the features and individual parameters of your cargo.

Advantages of air delivery

Using air transport, you can get a lot of advantages, which include:

  •  The ability to quickly deliver cargo to anywhere in the world.
  •  Minimal delivery wait.
  •  High security, nothing will happen to your product.

Air transport helps make delivery within a few hours, which is not available to any other modes of transport; this is the main advantage of this type of transportation. This is especially true for the transportation of medicines, perishable goods, and other items that must be delivered urgently.

Damage or theft of cargo with this type of transportation is practically impossible, since the airport territory is well guarded, and it is impossible to seize cargo in the air. Loading is always done carefully. Our company still offers cargo insurance services, since certain risks may still exist, in which case the cost of the goods will be returned to you.

Features of customs control

The cost of air cargo transportation is calculated taking into account customs requirements. It is worth noting that the control itself will be carried out twice:

  •  When the cargo is ready for departure.
  •  When the plane lands at its destination.

This has a big advantage, since if you need to cross the border of several countries, ground transport will be inspected every time you cross the border, which significantly increases the risk of damage to the goods and slows down the process of its delivery. Modern aircraft are capable of lifting large masses into the air, so many cargoes have become available for transportation over long distances using aircraft.

Our advantages

By contacting us, you will take advantage of the following advantages:

  •  Affordable cost of air cargo transportation.
  •  Opportunity to use turnkey services.
  •  Favorable terms of the transaction.
  •  Your cargo will be loaded carefully and delivered quickly.

We have extensive experience and proven partners; by contacting us, you can be sure of the quality guarantee of the services provided and strict compliance with the terms of the contract.