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Medications fall under the category of fragile goods that require special transport conditions to maintain their properties and therapeutic effects. Specialized refrigerator trucks are essential to ensure precise temperature control and prevent possible delays along the route.

1. Advantages of transporting medications with refrigerator trucks

Transporting medications in refrigerator trucks has several advantages:

  • Protection from contamination: The cargo is fully isolated from external contaminants.
  • Independence from climate conditions: The temperature and humidity inside the refrigerator truck are unaffected by external environmental conditions.
  • Quarantine zone: A compartment for goods with compromised packaging.
  • Autonomous temperature maintenance: Built-in generators maintain the required temperature even if the cooling system fails.
  • Wide temperature range: Ability to maintain temperatures from -2 to +25 °C.

2. How to choose a refrigerator truck for transporting medications

Vehicles equipped with refrigerator units that can maintain a stable temperature are used for transporting medications, regardless of the make and model of the vehicle.

Temperature control

Temperature control is performed using thermometers:

  • Electronic thermometers: They measure the temperature inside the van and display data on a graph for stability analysis.
  • Film thermometers: They change color when the temperature changes, allowing for quick identification of deviations but do not record the duration of exposure to unfavorable conditions.

Classes of refrigerator trucks

Refrigerator trucks are classified by their power and temperature range:

  • Class "A": Maintains temperature from +12 to 0 °C.
  • Class "D": Maintains temperature not above +2 °C.


Semi-trailers can be:

  • Framed: They have a metal frame providing protection on poor roads.
  • Frameless: Used only on good roads.

3. Key requirements for refrigerator trucks for transporting medications

Thermal insulation

The walls, ceiling, and floor of the body must be thermally insulated using sandwich panels that are securely fastened together. Elastic sealing gaskets made of rubberized material are used to seal the doors.

Cladding materials

  • External cladding: Galvanized steel sheets.
  • Internal cladding: Laminated plywood, galvanized sheets with polymer coating, aluminum.

Insulating materials

Foaming, slab, or roll materials with a thickness of 8 to 12 cm are used for insulation. The insulation must be lightweight, moisture-resistant, fire-resistant, high-strength, durable, and environmentally safe.

Sanitary treatment

Before dispatch, the vehicle must undergo sanitary treatment. The cargo compartment should not be exposed to sunlight, precipitation, or sharp temperature fluctuations. Mechanical impact and transportation in high humidity conditions are unacceptable. Loading onto an open-platform refrigerator truck is possible only in clear, windless weather.

4 Considering medication types during transport

Herbal products

Transported in dry or preserved form, packed in fabric bags, wooden boxes, or barrels.

Flammable substances

Alcohol, ethers, and products containing them are transported in containers with a 5 cm safety margin.

Liquid medications

Must be in tightly sealed glass containers that are securely fixed. The space between the containers is filled with paper or polyethylene.


Transported only in special containers that maintain the required temperature regime.

Donor blood

Must be protected from overheating and cooling. For trips longer than 30 minutes, transportation is done in isothermal containers with a temperature not exceeding +10 °C.

5. Conclusion

Choosing a refrigerator truck for transporting medications requires consideration of many factors: temperature regime, type and class of equipment, insulation and cladding features, and specific transportation requirements for various types of medications. Adhering to all these conditions ensures the preservation of the quality and effectiveness of medications during transportation.

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