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As a result of the attack by Russian troops on Ukraine, almost all sectors began to quickly rebuild, focusing on strengthening the country's defense capability and ensuring the normal operation of vital infrastructure. Logistics is a vital component of the state’s economy, and also plays a primary role in organizing the delivery of military and humanitarian goods throughout Ukraine and from abroad. Active hostilities have destroyed established supply chains, sea ports are blocked by ships of the Russian military fleet, there is no air traffic, railway and road infrastructure facilities are regularly subjected to artillery shelling and missile attacks. All this led to the fact that many settlements in Ukraine were on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe. Employees of the “Grand Logistics Company” make every effort to ensure regular delivery of necessary cargo to different regions of Ukraine in conditions of war. Particular attention is paid to refrigerated transportation, since many people find themselves on the brink of survival, without even the most necessary food and medicine.

The importance of refrigerated transport in Ukraine during the war

The GLC company, almost from the first days of Russian aggression, refocused its activities on the delivery of the most necessary goods. At the same time, transportation of many types of products requires compliance with special conditions, in particular temperature, humidity, and so on. Such cargo includes:

  • Medicines;
  • Meat and fish products;
  • Milk and fermented milk products;
  • Conservation;
  • Vegetables and fruits;
  • Confectionery;
  • Medical goods;
  • Living plants;
  • Deep frozen products.

In addition, refrigerated transport is often used to deliver dangerous goods and some types of chemicals. The organization of this type of transportation has a number of nuances. First of all, this concerns the correct selection of a vehicle that will provide the necessary conditions throughout the entire route. The second point is the coordination of the actions of all participants in the logistics process, especially if it is planned to carry out work on transshipment from one type of transport to another, for example, from railway cars to refrigerated trucks.

Delivery of the above goods is very important, especially for those regions that suffered the most from the Russian occupiers. Therefore, the logisticians of the Grand Logistics Company are trying to do everything possible to establish regular cargo transportation of food and medicine, primarily to settlements that have already been liberated by the armed forces of Ukraine.


What are the main problems in refrigerated transportation in Ukraine during war?


The enemy regularly shells different regions of the country. Today, there is not a single region in Ukraine in which Russian troops would not launch missile attacks. Therefore, transport companies that continue to operate in this difficult time are forced to change routes, choosing the safest options, and also taking into account the possibility of refueling, since there are now certain problems with fuel supplies.

There is also a shortage of vehicles and qualified drivers in the freight transport services market. This is especially true for special-purpose cargo trucks, in particular refrigerators. Therefore, it is best to contact large carriers that have their own fleet of vehicles. This will make it possible to organize the delivery of perishable goods and medicines in the optimal time frame, while ensuring maximum safety for the personnel involved in the logistics process and the cargo being transported.


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