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Transportation of perishable goods (medicines, food products, live plants and some others) must be carried out subject to certain conditions. First of all, it concerns temperature and humidity. Grand Logistics Company provides services for the transportation of all types of cargo, including perishable ones, across Ukraine and abroad on the most favorable terms and with a guarantee of compliance with all sanitary norms, standards and technical requirements. The company's specialists have a lot of experience in the organization refrigerated transportation, and are ready to ensure the timely delivery of products that have preserved their commercial appearance and freshness.

Refrigerated transportation with GLC, special organization of the process

The company has a large fleet of special equipment that allows transporting any batches of products with a limited shelf life, and for which compliance with the temperature regime is important. This can be done by road transport, in particular, trucks that maintain the required temperature in the range from +12C to -30C.

In addition, transportation of perishable products, live plants and medicines can be carried out by water transport and by road railway. Each of these options has its own features and nuances, which are dictated by the specifics of the cargo.

  1. The exact observance of delivery terms is important.
  2. Observance of sanitary norms.
  3. Maintaining the required temperature and humidity during the entire period of transportation.
  4. Availability of the necessary documentation - sanitary passport, permits, licenses, etc.

To maintain the required temperature regime during the delivery of perishable goods, vehicles must be equipped with special equipment that monitors the state of production, as well as sensors-controllers of temperature.

Types of transport for refrigerated transportation

Depending on the temperature regime, transport is divided into 3 main classes:

  • "А" (FRA) - temperature range 0С - 12С, used for transportation of fresh fish, meat, dairy products, pharmaceutical preparations;
  • "В" (FRB) - +12С - -10С is used for transportation of semi-finished products, freshly frozen products, including meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, frozen food;
  • "С" (FRC) - +12С - 20С - for delivery of deep-frozen products.

The following types of wagons are used to transport perishable goods by rail:

  • Glaciers;
  • Thermoses;
  • Refrigerators.

Refrigerated vehicles and isothermal trucks of various capacities and volumes are widely used for the transportation of goods of this category. When organizing the delivery of perishable products by water transport special containers and freezers are used.

The main directions of refrigerated transportation within the country

Company GLC provides services for the organization of delivery of products with a limited shelf life to all cities and towns of Ukraine, as well as abroad. The key areas are large port cities, railway stations, processing plants, farming and agricultural enterprises, and commercial facilities. In addition, freight transportation of pharmaceutical drugs is carried out directly from manufacturers (most factories are located in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Poltava, Ternopil, Vinnytsia) to pharmacy warehouses in different regions of the country.

The transportation of perishable goods is currently in high demand and occupies a rather large share in the total volume cargo transportation in Ukraine. At the same time, the organization of the process requires the use of specialized and expensive equipment and special attention to all details. Therefore, you can trust the delivery of such goods only to specialists who have the necessary knowledge, experience and technical capabilities. Such an approach guarantees the exact observance of the terms and conditions of transportation, which means that your cargo will be delivered in its entirety, and with preservation of the product appearance and properties.


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