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Company GLC takes an active part in the evacuation of business to the west of Ukraine from the regions where hostilities are taking place. Employees of the logistics company have extensive experience in organizing internal and international cargo transportation various modes of transport, and are ready to transport production equipment, machinery and people in the shortest possible time and at affordable rates.

How is the evacuation of enterprises from the war zone to the west of the country

Due to the invasion of Russian troops, many industrial enterprises and commercial organizations are forced to move inland, where it is possible to resume work, with minimal risks. The organization of this process has its own characteristics, which is associated with the danger of falling under shelling and bombardment, as well as the need to carry out evacuation as soon as possible. To do this, the company's employees select the necessary type of transport, mainly automotive and railway, less often a combination of water and trucks. Plus, the development of the safest route, since transportation often has to be carried out not along the main highways, but along bypass roads. This is dictated by security conditions, because the Russian invaders are trying to shell important infrastructure facilities:

  • Oil depots;
  • gas station;
  • railway stations;
  • airports;
  • Major transport links.

Promptly solve all these tasks employees Grand Logistics Company can thanks to a good knowledge of all logistics processes, many years of successful work experience (since 2007), a well-developed material and technical base and close partnerships with other large transport organizations and private carriers from different parts of Ukraine and other countries.

The main stages of business relocation to the western regions of the country

Despite the fact that almost all regions of Ukraine are periodically subjected to rocket attacks, the activities of commercial enterprises in the west of the country are much safer and more efficient in wartime conditions. First of all, this concerns factories and enterprises located in Zaporozhye, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Lugansk, Poltava, Kherson, Dnepropetrovsk and Kyiv regions.

To organize their evacuation, you need to contact the company's managers. GLCand get expert advice. The process itself includes the following important steps.

  1. Finding a suitable place. It is carried out with the help of public services that find a place, according to the submitted request.
  2. Equipment preparation. At this stage, the employees of the enterprise carry out the dismantling and packaging of machine tools and other production equipment, as well as computer and office equipment.
  3. Coordination of the method of transportation and route.
  4. Carrying out loading operations for the selected mode of transport. Usually these are trucks or railway wagons.
  5. Transportation to the destination.
  6. Unloading, reloading and delivery to a new location of an industrial enterprise, production workshop or wholesale base.
  7. Unpacking and installation of equipment.

In most cases, along with the commercial enterprise, the bulk of the workers, engineers and management are also evacuated. Currently, the state provides all kinds of support to business, providing certain benefits and tax holidays and deferment of land payments and much more. Now, more than ever, it is important to support business and together bring Ukraine's victory closer.

Advantages of business relocation with GLC

The company has extensive experience in organizing the transportation of a wide variety of goods, including dangerous, oversized, heavy. For each task, logisticians Grand Logistics Company fit on an individual basis. This makes it possible to solve the most complex and extraordinary tasks in a short time and guarantee the integrity and safety of the transported property. This is facilitated by a large own fleet of trucks and special equipment.

Another important plus is well-established and well-established schemes of interaction between all participants in the supply chain. This makes it possible to relocate any commercial structures, be it a large plant, a warehouse complex or a small workshop. Employees of the company are ready to organize the transportation of all the property of those commercial structures that have already suffered due to enemy shelling and have some damage, but they want to keep the remaining equipment. FROM GLC - it is always safe, reliable and as fast as possible.


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