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Grand Logistics Company carries out cargo transportation in Ukraine, including oversized cargo. This category includes metal and reinforced concrete structures, industrial equipment, machine tools, agricultural and special equipment, boats, yachts, turbines, generators, tanks, equipment for drilling, oil, gas and mining industries, and so on. The transportation of such goods has a number of important nuances and is clearly regulated by the rules and regulations of the current legislation. Therefore, only specialized freight forwarding companies that have experience and the necessary equipment for this should be entrusted with freight transportation in Ukraine of oversized and especially heavy goods.

What types of transport can be used to deliver oversized items

Long and especially heavy loads can be transported within the country railway transport, maritime and river vessels, as well as special trucks. To choose the best option, you need to consider what kind of cargo and where you need to deliver it. The cost of transportation by water or rail is usually much less than by road, but here the need for additional loading and unloading work, and often temporary storage services in warehouses, should be taken into account.


In addition, there is a timetable here, so it will not be possible to quickly send such a cargo. Another important nuance is the relative complexity of the execution of accompanying documents. This process can take several days, which also needs to be taken into account.


To date, road transport in Ukraine, especially heavy and oversized cargo can be considered the most profitable way. This is due to the fact that with this option, you can always choose the best route, taking into account the distance, traffic congestion at certain hours, road conditions and traffic rules. In addition, this method allows you to organize the delivery of oversized items according to the scheme "From the supplier to the recipient's door" without additional transshipments, and the use of other modes of transport.

What trucks are transported

In accordance with the rules of the road in Ukraine transportation of oversized cargo  can only be carried out by trucks that meet certain requirements.

  1. In terms of dimensions - length together with a trailer up to 22 meters, width - up to 2.6 meters, height up to 4 meters (from the road surface to the highest point of the transported structure or equipment)
  2. Have appropriate equipment - registration plates, lighting devices, identification marks.
  3. According to the technical condition - oversized transportation is allowed only on serviceable trucks with suitable technical characteristics.

Road transportation across Ukraine of oversized and heavy cargo is carried out on the following types of vehicles:

  • Onboard vehicles with an open or closed body;
  • Platform cars;
  • trailers;
  • road trains (trailer and saddle).

Grand Logistics Company has a large fleet of special equipment, including for providing the necessary support to protect all road users from unforeseen situations. Logistics of the company will always select the appropriate transport, taking into account all the rules and special conditions, as well as the best route. Transportation of goods in Ukraine, including heavy and oversized with GLC always reliable, safe and profitable.


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Grand Logistics Company can transport your oversized cargo by any means of transport