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The blockade lasted for a long time:

Truck traffic on the Polish-Ukrainian border has been blocked for almost two months. This situation has caused tension between Polish hauliers and Ukrainian drivers.

Lowering the degree of emotion:

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said that the degree of emotion around the situation had been reduced. This was made possible by efforts to find a compromise solution that would satisfy both sides.

Expectation of a quick completion:

Tusk expressed hope that the border blockade would be lifted soon. He emphasized that it is important to effectively represent the interests of Polish carriers to ensure that the restrictions are lifted as soon as possible.


Warsaw hopes for a positive outcome of the ongoing talks in Kyiv and Brussels. These talks are aimed at finding a solution that takes into account the concerns of both Polish and Ukrainian stakeholders.

Queue statistics

As of 28.02.2024, more than 3,000 trucks are queuing at the border of Ukraine and Poland.

  • Rava-Ruska: 900 trucks
  • Krakowiec: 640 trucks
  • Yagodin: 1500 trucks

Unlocking Shehynia:

On December 24, traffic in the direction of Shehyne was unblocked. Currently, 700 trucks remain in the queue there.

Queues at other borders:

  • Slovakia: 560 trucks (Uzhhorod)
  • Hungary: 750 trucks ("Tisa")
  • Romania: 750 trucks (Porubne)


The situation on the Polish-Ukrainian border remains tense, but there is hope for a quick resolution. Continued negotiations and efforts to de-escalate the situation are expected to lead to a positive outcome for all parties involved.

Grand Logistics Company is closely monitoring the situation and is ready to resume uninterrupted cargo transportation across the Polish-Ukrainian border as soon as possible.

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