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Pallets are specialized platforms for transporting various goods. When products are packed and secured on a pallet, it is referred to as a pallet. These structures help create efficient cargo spaces, speed up the movement of goods, and allow for optimal use of the available space in the truck bed.

Types of pallets

Pallets vary in size and material:

  1. Euro pallets:
    • Material: Wood.
    • Usage: Transportation in all directions.
    • Standard size: 80x120 cm.
    • Marking: Mandatory with the manufacturer's identification.
    • Load capacity: From 0.5 to 2 tons.
  2. Finnish pallets:
    • Material: Wood.
    • Difference: Load capacity up to 2.5 tons.
    • Size: Larger than Euro pallets.
    • Structure: 7 boards on the top (compared to 5 on Euro pallets).
  3. Metal pallets:
    • Rarely used in Ukraine due to high cost and weight.
    • Application: Manufacturing plants, transportation of large-sized goods.
    • Advantage: High strength.
  4. Cardboard pallets:
    • Single-use.
    • Material: Cardboard, not resistant to moisture.
  5. Plastic pallets:
    • Rarely used due to high cost.
    • Advantages: Lightweight and easy to maintain.

Pallet treatment before transportation

The wood used to manufacture Euro pallets and Finnish pallets requires phytosanitary treatment to prevent the spread of pathogenic bacteria.

  1. Fumigation:
    • Method: Treatment with methyl bromide.
    • Advantage: Elimination of microorganisms.
    • Disadvantage: Residual solution on the surface, making them unsuitable for food products.
  2. Thermal treatment:
    • Method: Heat treatment in special chambers.
    • Advantage: Complete destruction of microorganisms.
    • Disadvantage: High cost.
  3. Kiln drying:
    • Method: Treatment at 60 degrees Celsius and specific humidity.
    • Advantage: Effective and popular method.

Plastic pallets do not require phytosanitary treatment. It is indicated on them that no treatment is needed.

Advantages of using pallets in cargo transportation

  1. Convenience in loading and unloading:
    • Ergonomic shape.
    • Ease of unloading using modern equipment.
  2. Safety:
    • Prevention of mechanical damage.
    • Additional fixation with film and straps.
    • Proper load distribution: the load should not extend beyond the edges of the pallet.
  3. Security:
    • Protection against unauthorized access.
    • The film is opened only in the presence of the recipient.

These advantages make pallets in high demand for international transportation.

Number of pallets in a truck

In Ukraine, Euro pallets and Finnish pallets are most commonly used:

  • Euro pallets:
    • A standard Euro truck can hold 33 Euro pallets.
    • When transporting empty pallets, a Euro truck can fit 561 Euro pallets.
  • Finnish pallets:
    • A standard Euro truck can hold 26 Finnish pallets.

If it is necessary to transport more than 33 pallets, for example, 40, a coupling can be used, provided that the total length of the structure exceeds 15 meters.

Thus, knowing the number of pallets that can be placed in the truck bed depends on the size and type of pallets used, as well as the size of the truck.

Advantages of the Grand Logistics Company

Grand Logistics Company provides comprehensive logistics solutions for pallet transportation:

  • Experience and professionalism: Our specialists have many years of experience in logistics and cargo transportation.
  • Modern technologies: Using advanced technologies for efficient transport management.
  • Flexibility and adaptability: Individual approach to each client and the ability to adapt to any requirements.
  • Safety and reliability: Guaranteeing the safety of your cargo at every stage of transportation.
  • Cost optimization: Offering cost-effective solutions for pallet transportation.

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