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Trade and economic relations between Ukraine and Italy have been actively developing in recent years. The total volume of import-export operations is constantly growing. Ukraine supplies Italy with ferrous metals and products made from them, wood, fertilizers, oils and fats of vegetable and animal origin, seeds, agricultural products, railway locomotives, ceramic products and much more. Textiles, perfumery, pharmaceutical products, oil products, mineral fuels, base metals, food products, etc. are delivered from Italy to Ukraine. Grand Logistics Company provides a full range of services in the field of internal and external logistics. Cargo transportation Ukraine-Italy large industrial enterprises and farms, business structures and private entrepreneurs regularly order here.

Features of the provision of services

Italy is one of the most economically developed and prosperous countries in Europe, plus a good geographical location and a well-developed transport system. All this makes it possible to carry out cargo transportation to Italy in various ways, as well as always find the best option.

Delivery of goods from Italy to Ukraine can be performed by rail, automotive, by air, maritime, it is also possible to combine several methods. Qualified logisticians GLC, when choosing the appropriate mode of transportation, mode of transport and route, a number of important factors must be taken into account.

  1. What cargo needs to be delivered, its weight, overall dimensions, total volume of the consignment. For example, it is most convenient to deliver oversized and heavy cargo by special trucks (platforms, trawls), as well as by sea and rail transport. Perishable goods and pharmaceuticals require certain conditions (humidity, temperature, timing) to be transported refrigerators. Urgent and especially valuable goods, important documentation, as well as medical supplies with a limited shelf life and sale are usually delivered by air.
  2. The route on which the transportation of goods from Italy is required. The country has several large port cities with a well-developed infrastructure - these are Cagliari, Naples, La Spezia, Ravenna, Genoa, Palermo, Livorno, Gioia Tauro, Salerno. From these centers it is convenient to carry out sea cargo transportation from Italy to Ukraine and back.
  3. Service urgency. The fastest and most versatile way to transport products from one country to another is by road and air. At the same time, the first option allows you to organize the process according to the scheme from the supplier's door to the warehouse or store door, without intermediate overloads.
  4. Service cost. The organization of efficient cargo transportation implies not only compliance with the terms of delivery of goods, its safety and integrity, but also the optimization of costs.

What affects the cost of cargo transportation from Ukraine to Italy

The calculation of the cost of services in each case is calculated individually. The company's website is online calculator, with which you can find the estimated price. To do this, you must enter, in the existing form, the required data. To order an accurate calculation of the cost, you need to contact the managers of the company GLC in any convenient way, including through the feedback form.


The following factors influence the final cost of cargo transportation Italy-Ukraine:

  • Weight and scope of delivery;
  • Method of transportation and selected mode of transport;
  • Distance;
  • The nature of the cargo;
  • Delivery time;
  • Additional conditions and requirements;
  • Whether additional services are required or not (customs brokerage, loading and unloading, provision of special equipment, etc.);
  • Fare.

The cargo transportation company to Italy provides a full range of services, based on an official contract, which is agreed and signed by all its participants, as well as with mandatory cargo insurance and ensuring its timely delivery in complete safety and without loss of consumer and operational properties. One of the key benefits of working with Grand Logistics Company are an understandable pricing scheme, the absence of hidden and additional payments, as well as the fact that the amount specified in the contract for the services rendered remains unchanged.



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