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Buying goods in China is relevant today not only for businessmen and entrepreneurs who trade through a huge number of online stores. The advantages of purchasing various types of products in China have already been appreciated by many Ukrainians who prefer to wait a while and receive the ordered goods at the post office or by courier delivery. So the question is how much air delivery of goods from China, and on what it depends is very relevant.

Where to order the service

International air cargo is one of the main activities of the company Grand Logistics Company, which has been working in this service sector for many years (since 2007). Based on their extensive experience, as well as on the growing demand for goods delivery services from China, the company's logisticians have developed several options for cooperation that will suit both large businessmen who constantly cooperate with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers of products, and individuals who order services from time to time.

Factors affecting the final shipping cost

Buying goods in China has its own characteristics. For example, if it is a large consignment of goods, it can be packed and shipped in one package, even if these are products from different suppliers (consolidation of cargo). If the customer does not want to deal with the distribution himself, in cases where the same product is intended for several buyers, the cargo is deconsolidated. The following factors also affect the cost of air transportation:

  • Product type;
  • Total weight;
  • The volume of the parcel;
  • Chosen form of cooperation – can be AC (warehouse-airport-airport), BC (airport-airport), AD (turnkey delivery by air transport), BD (airport-warehouse);
  • Type of air transportation - "economy", "standard", "premium", "charter".

Each of the above types of air transportation has its own characteristics. The "economy" option is a good solution for those who can wait a bit, but at the same time save a certain amount of money. "Standard" - combines optimal terms and balanced prices. "Premium" - suitable for the delivery of urgent, especially valuable and perishable goods, as well as medical products. "Charter" - usually chosen when urgent transportation of oversized cargo or large consignments of goods is required.

In addition, large transport companies usually offer a number of additional services - this can be repackaging of goods (there is a choice of various options), checking the cargo for compliance, with or without a photo report, customs clearance (checking the documentation package, product classification and selection of customs codes, calculation of payments, preparation of import permits, declaration, payment of necessary payments) and some others.

To understand all these nuances, and choose the most suitable option, you can use online calculatorwhich is posted on the site. GLC or other large logistics companies, as well as by contacting their managers. On average, the delivery of goods from China costs our customers from 13 $ to 15 $ per kg. Who has not yet made sure that air transportation from China to Ukraine is fast, affordable and not difficult at all, please contact our company, and our managers will answer all your questions.



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