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Polish carriers have threatened to close all border crossings with Ukraine since November due to excessive competition after the liberalization of international transport between Ukraine and the EU.

The first action with the participation of Polish transport companies was planned to take place on Friday, November 3 near the checkpoint "Korcheva".
The action is planned to last for two months. The reason for the strike is excessive competition after the liberalization of international transportation between Ukraine and the EU.

Requirements of Polish carriers 

Polish carriers are demanding:

— Return of permits to Ukrainian carriers;

— Tightening of ECMT rules for foreign carriers;

— Inability to register a company in Poland if its financial situation does not meet EU requirements;

— Creation of a separate electronic queue for vehicles with Euro license plates;

— Create separate queues at all borders for empty trucks;

— Access to the Shlyakh system.

It is worth adding that earlier Polish carriers were limited to one checkpoint, but now it is planned to close all available entrances from Ukraine.

Opening of a new checkpoint “Nizankovichi-Markhowice”

We emphasize that next year the Nizhankovychi-Markhovice border crossing point in the Lviv region, which is now designed for empty trucks, will be open for all vehicles.

The border checkpoint "Nizhankovichi-Malchowice" in the Lviv region, which is currently intended only for empty trucks, will be open to all vehicles next year. The total construction cost is about PLN 100 million (USD 8.65 million).

According to the contract with the contractor, the facility should be completed by the end of 2024. However, according to a preliminary agreement between the state authorities and the contractor, the facility may be opened in the first quarter of 2024. In general, all construction works have already been completed, and now works on the improvement of the territory are being carried out. The Polish side is financing all construction works. The total cost of construction is approximately PLN 100 million.

The Nizhankovychi-Malhowice border crossing point, like the Hrushev border crossing point, will be jointly operated by Ukrainian and Polish customs and border guards.

It is worth noting that in February 2023, trucks weighing up to 7.5 tons were allowed to pass through the Nijankovici-Markhovice border crossing point. Now this checkpoint operates as a special temporary border crossing point. This means that large trucks, so-called TIR, can pass through, but only without cargo.

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