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Quarantine in 2021 has made significant changes in almost all areas of activity. This also affected logistics companies, as the volume of domestic and international cargo transportation has significantly decreased. This is mainly due to the closure of many enterprises, both in Ukraine and abroad. During the period of easing quarantine measures, the market gradually began to restore its volumes. But another surge in the incidence in many European countries, as well as in the countries of the former CIS, in the USA, Asia and South America, again threatens to reduce the volume of international cargo transportation. In this regard, there is no talk of any stability yet. Therefore, the issues of optimizing logistics processes and reducing costs are now more relevant than ever. And first of all it concerns the enterprises conducting foreign economic activity. They are links in the supply chain of various types of products, and represent different participants in the logistics market.

New initiatives from the state

Recently, some measures have been implemented aimed at partially facilitating business activities in the field of import-export operations. In particular, this is the entry into force of the law on AEO (authorized economic operator), and the introduction of a preferential regime for certain categories of goods. In the first case, organizations with AEO status receive a number of advantages during customs clearance of cargo. At the same time, the list of such opportunities will be further expanded over time - after the signing of appropriate agreements on bilateral recognition with other states.

Already today, many participants in logistics processes prefer the contactless execution of the necessary documentation. This mechanism was developed several years ago, but has only recently been actively used. A modern information system allows you to automate most processes and submit declarations, waybills and other documentation in electronic form. It is important that other participants in the supply chain also support this opportunity.

AEO status and business benefits

There are 2 types of AEO - "B" and "C", and for each of them there is a certain list of advantages. Here are the main ones:

  • Priority clearance through customs;
  • Reducing the level of risks when determining a set of control measures for the organization;
  • Transportation of products through checkpoints is carried out along a special lane;
  • The ability to use seals of a special type, without the participation of the customs authority;
  • Simplification of procedures for customs clearance, declaration, obtaining a general financial guarantee;
  • Reducing the number of checks;
  • Possibility of filing a simplified customs declaration for exporters.

All this allows to reduce costs and reduce terms. delivery of international cargo.

Who and how can get AEO?

This status can be obtained by logistics companies and forwarders, postal and warehouse operators, distributors, importers and manufacturers of products sent for export, customs brokers. At the same time, not only representatives of large businesses can apply for the status of AEO, but also organizations with a small staff and less complex processes in the field of doing business.

The process of obtaining the status occurs in stages.

  1. Analysis of the company's work processes, and submission of a self-assessment questionnaire to the GTS.
  2. Checking by the customs service for the readiness of the enterprise to receive the highest degree of trust from the state and reach a fundamentally new level.
  3. Obtaining a positive decision or documents for revision.

It is important to bear in mind that the status registration process is not an easy procedure that takes a lot of time. Already established and stably operating enterprises with a certain experience in this market segment, a well-established system for organizing technological processes and controlling the classification of goods, formalized and integrated procedures have more chances. Particular attention is paid to the established and proven business processes, for the availability of certified software and IT infrastructure and other certificates in accordance with existing quality systems, including ISO.

Despite the length and complexity of the procedure, obtaining the status gives tangible advantages over competitors and makes it possible to optimize customs clearance processes as much as possible, which is especially important during the period of quarantine restrictions.


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