Igor Olshansky: Customs regimes of Ukraine. Part 2
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Hello dear readers, let's continue our series of interviews about the customs regimes of Ukraine, in the last article we talked about the "Import" and "Reimport" modes.
Today we will consider “Export” and “Re-export”

Export - a customs regime in accordance with which goods are exported outside the customs territory of Ukraine for free circulation without the obligation to return them to this territory and without establishing conditions for their use outside the customs territory of Ukraine.

The export of goods outside the customs territory of Ukraine in the export regime provides for:

Re-export - a customs regime, according to which goods originating from other countries, no later than within the period established by law from the moment of their importation into the customs territory of Ukraine, are exported from this territory in the export regime.

Goods originating from other countries may be exported outside the customs territory of Ukraine under the re-export regime if:

We will finish this, in the next article we will consider such modes as: “Transit” and “Temporary import (export)”.
Stay tuned for updates, see you soon.

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