Igor Olshansky: Customs regimes of Ukraine. Part 3.
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September 07, 2016

Greetings Friends. Let's continue our series of interviews, today we'll talk about the modes "Transit" and "Temporary import (export)"

Transit - a customs regime, according to which goods and vehicles are moved under customs control between two customs authorities or within the area of activity of one customs authority without any use of such goods and vehicles in the customs territory of Ukraine.

Goods in transit must:

Temporary importation (exportation) - a customs regime in accordance with which goods can be imported into the customs territory of Ukraine or exported outside the customs territory of Ukraine with the obligatory subsequent return of these goods without any changes, except for natural wear and tear or loss under normal transportation conditions.

The movement of goods under the regime of temporary import (export) provides for:

That's all, in the next article I will tell you about the modes: “Customs warehouse” and “Special customs zone”. Keep for updates.

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