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Cargo transportation by road are in constant demand, and their volume is comparable to the delivery of various types of products by rail. Among the advantages of this transportation option are high cross-country ability, versatility, maneuverability, affordable cost, as well as the ability to deliver goods and personal belongings to the most remote and inaccessible regions and settlements for other types of transport. Another plus is the wide range of goods available for road transport.

Types of cargo and classification features

Grand Logistics Company provides a full range of transport services by road, sea and air, both within the country and in the field of international transport. In addition to territorial characteristics, road transport is classified according to the following characteristics:

  • Nature of the cargo - standard, large-sized (oversized), dangerous, especially valuable, urgent;
  • Batch volume - small-tonnage homogeneous; massive of the same type, and prefabricated;
  • Purpose of the cargo and belonging to any industry - agricultural, construction, industrial, trade, postal, pharmaceutical, medical, utility, military, household;
  • The need to use special equipment is produced by the chemical industry, as well as the oil and gas industry, and oil extraction plants.

In addition, the classification of cargo for road transport can be carried out according to seasonality, on an ongoing basis or in the form of one-time orders (periodic).

Procedure for the provision of services

Such a variety of goods available for transportation by road requires a large fleet of vehicles of various types, purposes, and carrying capacity. This allows you to solve almost any problem in the shortest possible time and with minimal financial costs. For example, company specialists Grand Logistics Company, thanks to extensive experience in this field of activity, as well as a good material and technical base, we were recently able to organize the transportation from Latvia to Ukraine of dinosaur figures, the dimensions of which are comparable to the dimensions of real reptiles, as part of the transportation of standard cargo.

It means that international cargo transportation carried out by ordinary road transport, without any additional costs. Services of this type are usually provided periodically, depending on the duration of the exhibition. And there are some industries, for example, the agricultural sector, where the need for cargo transportation arises periodically. Usually this is the spring-summer and autumn period. The main products are fertilizers, feed and finished products. Transportation of industrial goods is usually permanent. This category includes raw materials, minerals, fuels and lubricants, ferrous and non-ferrous metal products, tools, production equipment, semi-finished products, lifting machines, warehouse equipment, products of enterprises in various sectors of the national economy and much more. Recently, various types of shipments have become increasingly popular. This type of cargo transportation is classified as postal, and the active growth in demand for such services is due to a sharp increase in sales volumes in online stores, and in general, the development of online business. Cargo transportation of building materials and finished structures often involves the need to use special equipment, for example, loader cranes, special platforms for transporting oversized or heavy cargo. In addition, you should definitely take into account what products will be transported and where. For example, for international transport it is better documentary support entrust it to the specialists of the logistics company. This will save time and money. Cargo transportation of any goods is a very serious and responsible matter that requires a professional approach. Therefore, it is best that the organization of this process is carried out by qualified specialists from a reliable and trusted company.


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