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The choice of a carrier is a responsible matter, since the observance of the delivery dates, and hence the obligations assumed, ensuring the safety and integrity of the transported items depends on this. Currently, many commercial organizations often opt for private carriers, arguing this with lower prices. But if you carefully consider this issue and objectively weigh all the pros and cons, it turns out that this is not always the right approach. That is why enterprises that often face the need to deliver products order cargo transportation services from trusted and reliable transport companies.

Pros and cons of cooperation with private carriers

Very often, services by private carriers are carried out without drawing up contracts and cargo insurance. Due to this, the cost of the service is somewhat reduced. But here it is imperative to take into account the likelihood of risks that the goods may be partially or completely damaged, stolen, or delivered to the recipient at the wrong time. All this can lead to material losses, starting with the cost of the product itself, and ending with penalties for non-compliance with the terms of the supply contract.

All this can happen for various reasons - the carrier’s dishonesty, poor technical condition of the vehicle, accidents, natural phenomena (for example, heavy rain, snowfall, ice, hurricane, and so on). As long-term practice shows, it is very difficult to sue a private carrier, it takes a long time, and the probability of a successful resolution of the issue is very small.


Another important point is that very often carriers indicate the price for 1 hour of work or for mileage, and it also takes time for loading and unloading, documentation, route coordination, and so on. As a result, the final amount may differ significantly from the one that was named during the preliminary calculation. There can also be a lot of reasons here, starting with traffic jams, unforeseen stops for refueling and ending with the inability to drive to the place of loading or unloading.

Advantages and disadvantages of transport companies

Any transport company provides cargo delivery services, with full documentary support, starting with the preparation of a written contract. This document prescribes the rights and obligations of the parties, penalties, deadlines and a number of other important points.

The second plus is an integrated approach to organizing the delivery process. This includes selecting the most suitable delivery method, for example, if it is road freight transport, then the optimal type of vehicle is selected, taking into account the nature of the cargo, its mass, volume, packaging, route, the ability to drive up to the place of loading and unloading. A route is also drawn up, and movement is monitored. The transported goods must be insured. All this is aimed at ensuring that the process of delivering products or personal belongings is completed on time, with a guarantee of safety and integrity and at reasonable prices. By the way, many transport companies, in particular Grand Logistics Company, on their websites place online calculators, with which you can independently make a preliminary calculation of the cost of the service.

Summing up, it can be noted that private carriers, apart from the lower price they indicate for their services, have no other advantages, and cooperation with a transport company is not only a balanced and understandable pricing policy, but also a full range of services aimed at maximum satisfaction of customer needs in the field of internal and international cargo transportation.




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